How bloggers can benefit from freelancing

freelancingbenefitseditSo a little over three months I decided to start a blog. I was reading all the successful blogging stories about people quitting their day jobs after making a ton of money blogging. The breakdown of many of the income reports I read included such income categories as these:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ads
  • Sponsored Posts

While these are all great and a sure way to make money blogging I think for beginners it can be quite tough grasping all of these streams at first. I know I have definitely had a hard time and for some maybe it’s no problem.

Get A Jump Start 

So as I read on I noticed that a lot of the earlier income reports from the now professional bloggers included something that I have found to possibly be a good jump starter as you grow your blogging business and that one thing is FREELANCING!

Freelancing can even include many sources of income depending on your expertise such as:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Designer

Now don’t get me wrong freelancing can take some time building your client list but as you do so you can still work on your blog. Therefore, see it as freelancing and blogging complimenting each other.

The Builders of Freelancing

While you work on your blog behind the scenes there is no need to fret about not making any money from it or even having an audience. It’s okay to build your blog while at the same time benefiting from everything freelancing has to offer.

Build Your Presence

As a new blogger with no social presence other then your personal Facebook group in front of all your best friends you are probably needing a boost to build a stronger online presence. Once you start to build your portfolio of freelance writing jobs you will now have the reputable presence to earn a respected audience to your blog.


As you build your client list of freelance writing jobs or even virtual assisting, you’ll now have a list of good referral who can speak highly of you as long as you’re up to par with how you’ve presented yourself to them. People are always willing to give you a good review or reference when you’ve provided a service to them at your best.

Meet Financial Goals

I’ll keep this part simple. Of course, meeting your financial goals in the process are great but because I’ve learned the hard way from this one please be sure to not make finances your core focus or motivation.


When first starting a new business or work opportunity diving in deep can sometimes help you see where you stand and even lead you to access your priorities and goals. Starting a blog and expecting instant success is going to leave you feeling empty and unmotivated. I always thought that when working from home you’ll be your own boss with nobody demanding their way. Although your goal is to maybe eventually make your blog a full-time job you may first find yourself in humble beginnings. Appreciate your new clients when you get them and see it as your serving others and gaining much experience along the way which I am sure can be beneficial.

You desire to start something big but may need to start seeing the bigger picture in something that seems so small.

I don’t have all the answers and I am sure that’s why you find yourself here today reading this post. You’re searching for some answers to the many questions and challenges you may be facing. I got news for you. There is hope in even, what seems like the most mundane times in your life. There is always something to learn. Someone to help. Something to change within yourself. Today can be that day.

What are your thoughts on freelancing as a blogger? How have you benefited from freelancing? 

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Prioritizing changed my attitude

prioritizingIt is Monday evening which means my weekend is coming to an end. Usually at the end of my weekend I feel dreadful and a bit unaccomplished. I usually feel as if I will now need to rush through my week just to get to next weekend as a way to make up for what I didn’t do this weekend. I have to tell you. This time I feel different. I feel as if I did so much in so little time. I feel as if two days off was really a four day weekend. You may ask why? Well that’s why I am sharing this with all of you today. I want you to have a little glimpse of the peace that can be had even in the midst of returning back to your day job the next day. Prioritizing changed my attitude. 

Now, of course I would rather continue on with my awesome weekend instead of going back to work. But hey, that’s a different story and it’s in the works. As for now, I want to tell you just how I was able to take a short two day weekend of what most would call “ordinary” and show you how it was different from the rest and one of my best. It didn’t even involve a vacation or winning of the lottery (well you knew that…hence returning to my day job).

Rather, I simply took a step back and began prioritizing some things which made a big change in my last two days and am hoping will continue throughout my week and so on. Here is the inside scoop.

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Creating blog images that will increase your audience

creating blog imagesWhen first starting my blog I thought I would just need to upload an image and call it a day. That’s fine but if you want to get your content noticed then I suggest creating blog images that are eye catching. In my first month of blogging I would browse around other blogs and see how awesome and bold their images were and figured they are making enough money already and that’s why their images look so great. The truth is I learned real quickly that even as a beginner blogger you can start creating blog images that grab attention from the get go. I will show you how to create blog images, what I use to make it all happen, and the extended benefits of doing so

First and for most you need to prepare yourself to take plain images to a bold and eye catching masterpiece. Let’s get started.

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Ways to save on your utility bills without reducing usage

ways to save on your utility billsEach month you find yourself balancing your checkbook between your phone, internet, and electricity. You may notice that it fluctuates each month and your having a hard time staying within your budget. Should you downgrade some of your products or maybe reduce your consumption? I mean it’s an option to save even more money but if you don’t want to reduce your service package or your usage you can be sure to save money on your utilities with a list of ways to save on your utility bills without reducing usage. 

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Free fun kids activities for every day of the week

Free fun kids activitiesYou may think that you have to spend a lot of money in order to have some fun and spend quality time with your child. The truth is you don’t. In this post you will find a list of free fun kids activities to do with your kids. No money is needed to take advantage of this activity list. All you need is a willing child who is ready to spend some time with you. In my knowledge, that is all the time. My daughter is an only child so mommy is her go to person to keep her entertained. You may be in the same boat.

The list goes on and on but I have named our top activities that are always available to us on a daily basis if we need some good ole free entertainment. Take a gander and see what you think.

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Starting a successful blog today: Beginner’s guide

starting a successful blogSo you have the desire to start your own blog. Your plan is to write great content, share it with the world, and make money doing so. The only problem is that you have no idea where to start. Well you have come to the right place. There are so many different things that could be keeping you from getting started. I have news for you, there doesn’t have to be. For right now you don’t need to focus on anything else besides taking the first step. So here I have put together the Beginner’s guide to starting a successful blog today.

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Childproofing made easy with these top must-haves

childproofing made easy I remember the moment my daughter started to become mobile. I would now have to start childproofing my house up and down to keep her safe while still allowing mommy to be mobile. As your child grows you may need to get creative because they will be sure to be one step ahead of you when you least expect it. My mom always tells me that my daughter is just like how I was when I was little.

I would get in the fridge, I hid my parent’s money all around the house, and didn’t listen to well when I was told not to pick up the dog. These stories are all a perfect example of how my beautiful daughter is just like her mother and maybe your in for it as well. Either way, when the time comes you want to be at least some-what prepared.

So here is a list of the top must-have items for childproofing made easy.

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What moms should consider before going back to work

beforegoingbacktoworkeditNow, I completely understand that going back to work sometimes seems to be the only option. Back in 2014 when I had to start financially providing while being a full-time mom, I faced just this. I didn’t know what else to do to quickly bring in income. Now looking back and seeing how long I’ve been dealing with different challenges from working outside the house I would have liked to come up with a better plan to be financially stable without having to go back to working outside the home.

Before taking the leap back into the outside workforce first, consider these things.

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Delayed gratification can help reach your full potential


The world we live in teaches people that they shouldn’t have to wait for things. If we want something we are taught to get it now and if instant gratification is not met than it’s not good. This is completely false.

Have you noticed how the fast food industry just continues to grow? There is at least one Mcdonalds every mile. Even at the grocery store you will find the golden arches. Burger King says, “Have it your way ” Yet the truth is your way is not always the best way or at least not right now. Having something right now can actually keep you from reaching your full potential and will hinder your success in life. You may miss some valuable lessons in life if you are constantly being instantly gratified. If you just wait a bit you will begin to see the bigger picture and build a much better character for yourself. See how this works.

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The advantages of learning and the impact it can make



In college I learned in my psychology class that “counseling is to prepare you before something happens not when you are in the middle of it already happening “. It can be easy to think that we have it all together and don’t really need any help. Yet, once we are in the midst of a challenging season in our lives we run around like a chicken (with it’s head cut off) not knowing what to do.

Isn’t it nice when you need information and it’s readily available to you? It’s like going to take a test before studying first. That’s why I share life’s experiences in hopes of helping someone to live life more efficiently. You can start today by making use of what you learn by applying it when you need it. It’s there ready to go. And if something seems to be missing don’t hesitate to ask or do some more research to find what you are looking for.

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