Working at home can fit your schedule better than a day job

day job schedule postUnless you have an awesome boss that lets you come and go as you please than you are probably one of many that struggles with fitting your schedule in with your day job. Being at my day job for over a year now I can tell you what a struggle it has been. I am sure if you work a 9 to 5 and have kids than you know what I mean. This is why I have found that working at home allows you to have the flexibility needed for your work and home life. Let’s see how working around doctor appointments, sick days, and holidays may be a little more feasible than before. You may find that many of these will remind you of what you have to deal with at your job and possibly encourage you to start working from home.

***Keep in mind that not all work at home jobs offer a fully flexible schedule as some are telecommute jobs that require you to work standard business hours.

Going to personal appointments if need be or taking a sick day

At your day job you may work a Monday-Friday nine to five job. And when your a 26 year old mom to a small child, weekends aren’t always appealing. With having a child comes visits to the pediatrician or even if you have a doctor’s appointment yourself. Whatever it might be it’s probably going to have to be scheduled during the weekday as most doctor offices aren’t open on the weekends. Now you run into the problem of using sick time or having to make up time. You may also find that you have to let your boss know who ends up not being very happy with you missing work. I say I should be able to care for my sick child without someone making me feel bad for staying home to do so.

With working at home if you need to take a sick day to care for your child or even yourself than you have that freedom. If your up for it you can still answer phone calls or emails from time to time. Don’t you dare give yourself that same boss guilt trip because you happen to care about your family’s health. You care about your job but need to make sure you and your family is cared for first.

Do I hear, “I need a much needed vacation”? 

Working full-time especially as a single parent can be tough. For a company to be greedy of your time by not making sure your well being is up to par can definitely be straining on anyone. You are constantly pouring yourself into helping others and building the business whether you work at home or not. So if even a small vacation is what you need than take it. Do you have to give yourself 30 days notice in advance or again having to hear your boss’s guilt trip reply on missing work? Nope! I think not. No matter the whats or whys of going on vacation i’m sure it’s well deserved.

Working from home allows you to go on vacation and check-up on work if you choose to do so when your away.

Important days of the year you would never think to miss

Every year when Christmas rolls around the excitement sets in to buy gifts, have a feast, and spending time with family. You know that you will be available because the office is closed and you will be home for the holidays. Or maybe you don’t have that option as you are required to stay open to meet sales quotas or you are in an industry that is open on the holidays. Maybe your friend’s birthday party lands on a day you have to work and your not able to go. Whatever the important day may be you deserve to be there.

Having your own work at home schedule will allow you the availability to be there to take part in the festivities and the company of those you care about. Just make sure that you stay consistent. If you are not going to be available on a certain day I suggest still making a note of that to yourself or on your business site if you have specific hours of operation.

Your coworkers schedule shouldn’t determine yours  

When someone decided to take a vacation every other month I would be put in the position to have to fill in. At times I needed to think it over before saying yes as I have a young child to care for and would be highly criticized for not giving an immediate answer. Making arrangements for childcare and checking my schedule comes first before I can make a commitment.

Now realize that you may have client schedules to work around when working at home but you can still pick and choose when your available. So if you already planned something that day you can simply say your not available. Although be sure you prioritize as you want to still be professional and do what you can to make yourself available on a different day. You choose the alternative.

Choose your hours and if you want to refuse overtime than go ahead 

When working at home you will notice that it is a lot of work in the beginning. If you are also the primary caretaker in the house you most likely will have your hands full. You know your schedule better than anyone else so you know how much you can handle and when you’ve hit your limits. If you have committed to working only 40 hours per week than stick to it and don’t feel bad not putting in 20 more hours just to make an extra buck.

What I learned at my day job was money wasn’t everything. You can bribe me with time and a half and think that all my focus is on money. But the truth is that as long as I have my bare minimum my time is the most important thing to me.

Keeping stable flexibility in your schedule 

Ultimately you want to have a flexible schedule where you determine when you are available and when you are not. Your vacations, personal appointments, save the dates can fit where you want them to. Nobody can force you to spend extra time away from your family if you don’t see fit. Your coworkers no longer have your schedule on a leash. Having a flexible schedule doesn’t at all mean your not putting your best foot forward but just knowing that it’s there when you need it can keep you motivated to be your very best.


How has the flexibility from working at home helped you and your family? How has it affected work?


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