Most (Ridiculous) Penny-Pinching Ways To Save

pennyeditMy family and friends know me as what they call a “Penny Pincher”. I wouldn’t say that is a bad thing. Yes, at times I probably should loosen my grip on my change purse. For the most part, I would have to say that being frugal can substantially save you money. Check out these different ways (some are a little over the top) on being frugal with your penny.

Refuse To Renew

Pretty much buying new items is the toughest thing for me. Don’t get me wrong I love receiving gifts and my weakness is eating out. But to actually buy something new that I will have something to show for the money spent. It is tough!

  • Clothes 

Buying new clothes is rarely ever in my budget. Whenever I see a budget template and one of the categories is “clothes”, I cross it out. I love new clothes but the idea of spending money on something that I already have plenty of in my closet is hard to grasp.

  • Treating yourself

I love having my nails looking nice. I am sure as I build a category in my budget for extra spending than I will splurge on getting my nails done. For right now going every two weeks to the salon is not in my budget.

  • Driving a car that is only two years younger than you

I got my 92′ Jeep about four years ago. I paid only $1100 for it and it only cost me a little under $200 to fix whatever was wrong with it. I have only put few repairs in it since then. It wasn’t until recently that I have had to weigh out if I should just move on as it’s a gas guzzler, it now needs some heavy repairs, At least I know I got a lot of years out of it.

Refuse To Not Reuse

  • There is a use for everything

I have always been a container saver. After finishing a container of yogurt I figure I can wash it and use it as storage. If I empty an apple juice bottle I creatively think it can be used for a craft for my three-year old. Anything that most people would toss I see some something it can be used for. There is no shame in that either.

  • Hand Me Downs 

This all goes back to “It is hard to renew”. Why would I buy clothes new when I have a family member who is giving away their clothes they don’t want? In a way, it is new as it is something I have never worn before.

  • Leftovers 

Why in the world would I throw away food that we just cooked for dinner? This goes back to, I see a use for everything. Now I have to be clear. I don’t recreate food. Yuck! I more so just don’t throw away leftovers. I think this was learned when staying with my grandpa for so long. Dinner has now turned into breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next day as well. Okay, maybe I have gone to far. Just lunch. I figure I am given an abundance of food I am surely not going to waste it. And last but not least, I am the weird one sitting in a restaurant taking every piece left on my plate home with me.

The “Let’s negotiate” mentality begins

I can’t quite go into detail on this one as some stories are a little too ridiculous but I will share a couple. Everywhere I go I can say I feel like full price doesn’t exist. Where there is a will there is a way.

The thrift store is overly priced

You may ask how can that be? It’s a thrift store so shouldn’t it be thrifty. Well, of course, it should. But I see different at times and it makes it that much harder to shop.

For example:

This last Sunday, I went to the Goodwill for some new (used) clothes. It was half off white and tan tags. The first thing I do is start shopping checking the tags to see if they are half off because I wasn’t going to buy them if they weren’t. The half off price on some were even too expensive. It’s a thrift store so $6 doesn’t sound the greatest. If I can get a nice pair of Express designer pants for only $3 then we’re heading in a better direction.

All of a sudden, the intercom comes on and someone announces that Monday the next day all clothing is going to be 1/2 off. My mind started racing. I couldn’t possibly purchase anything today when tomorrow is a better deal. Long story short was after 2.5 hours at the store I walked out with 2 pieces of clothing. Let me show you how serious this got. The pants I bought for $3 end up being very uncomfortable and I had to relax on the idea of losing out on $3 for an expensive pair of Express slacks. You can’t go wrong either way but I am sure you now see my point.

Asking for a discount

Almost everywhere I go I ask if there is some way that the price can be reduced. Whether it is because I am a loyal customer or was unsatisfied with a product or service I try to ask for some kind of discount. With being in sales, I realize that sometimes things are overly priced to begin with so there is room to negotiate. Just saying.

I have completely made myself vulnerable through these different ways on how I (ridiculously) pinch pennies. If it helps someone with saving money in their household than by all means I would give you a bigger list.

Are you guilty in having used any of these or other penny-pinching ways to save?


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