How bloggers can benefit from freelancing

So a little over three months I decided to start a blog. I was reading all the successful blogging stories about people quitting their day jobs after making a ton of money blogging. The breakdown of many of the income reports I read included such income categories as these:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ads
  • Sponsored Posts

While these are all great and a sure way to make money blogging I think for beginners it can be quite tough grasping all of these streams at first. I know I have definitely had a hard time and for some maybe it’s no problem.

Get A Jump Start 

So as I read on I noticed that a lot of the earlier income reports from the now professional bloggers included something that I have found to possibly be a good jump starter as you grow your blogging business and that one thing is FREELANCING!

Freelancing can even include many sources of income depending on your expertise such as:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Designer

Now don’t get me wrong freelancing can take some time building your client list but as you do so you can still work on your blog. Therefore, see it as freelancing and blogging complimenting each other.

The Builders of Freelancing

While you work on your blog behind the scenes there is no need to fret about not making any money from it or even having an audience. It’s okay to build your blog while at the same time benefiting from everything freelancing has to offer.

Build Your Presence

As a new blogger with no social presence other then your personal Facebook group in front of all your best friends you are probably needing a boost to build a stronger online presence. Once you start to build your portfolio of freelance writing jobs you will now have the reputable presence to earn a respected audience to your blog.


As you build your client list of freelance writing jobs or even virtual assisting, you’ll now have a list of good referral who can speak highly of you as long as you’re up to par with how you’ve presented yourself to them. People are always willing to give you a good review or reference when you’ve provided a service to them at your best.

Meet Financial Goals

I’ll keep this part simple. Of course, meeting your financial goals in the process are great but because I’ve learned the hard way from this one please be sure to not make finances your core focus or motivation.


When first starting a new business or work opportunity diving in deep can sometimes help you see where you stand and even lead you to access your priorities and goals. Starting a blog and expecting instant success is going to leave you feeling empty and unmotivated. I always thought that when working from home you’ll be your own boss with nobody demanding their way. Although your goal is to maybe eventually make your blog a full-time job you may first find yourself in humble beginnings. Appreciate your new clients when you get them and see it as your serving others and gaining much experience along the way which I am sure can be beneficial.

You desire to start something big but may need to start seeing the bigger picture in something that seems so small.

I don’t have all the answers and I am sure that’s why you find yourself here today reading this post. You’re searching for some answers to the many questions and challenges you may be facing. I got news for you. There is hope in even, what seems like the most mundane times in your life. There is always something to learn. Someone to help. Something to change within yourself. Today can be that day.

What are your thoughts on freelancing as a blogger? How have you benefited from freelancing? 


3 thoughts on “How bloggers can benefit from freelancing”

  1. I’ve actually been mulling over whether or not to freelance for the past few weeks. It’s definitely something I think I am going to get into after doing more research. Currently, I have quite a bit of clients with my consulting business but would love to get into more writing work.

    1. It’s definitely something to consider. If you think you are able to take on some more work then I would say, “have at it”. Especially if you love writing. Let me know how it goes.

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