Prioritizing changed my attitude

Prioritizing changed my attitude
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It is Monday evening which means my weekend is coming to an end. Usually, at the end of my weekend I feel dreadful and a bit unaccomplished. I usually feel as if I will now need to rush through my week just to get to next weekend as a way to make up for what I didn’t do this weekend. I have to tell you.

This time I feel different. I feel as if I did so much in so little time. I feel as if two days off was really a four day weekend. You may ask why? Well, that’s why I am sharing this with all of you today. I want you to have a little glimpse of the peace that can be had even in the midst of returning back to your day job the next day.

Prioritizing changed my attitude. 

Now, of course, I would rather continue on with my awesome weekend instead of going back to work. But hey, that’s a different story and it’s in the works. As for now, I want to tell you just how I was able to take a short two day weekend of what most would call “ordinary” and show you how it was different from the rest and one of my best. It didn’t even involve a vacation or winning of the lottery (well you knew that…hence returning to my day job).

Rather, I simply took a step back and began prioritizing some things which made a big change in my last two days and am hoping will continue throughout my week and so on. Here is the inside scoop.

The Backstory

I first want to share with you exactly what I needed to start prioritizing. Since most of you will be a regular audience to this blog I would like to give you the honest truth.

I started this blog back in May which right now was not to long ago. You may ask, why I am willing to share with you how new I am to this blogging thing? And I will tell you it’s in hopes of helping you to learn from what I did.

I started this blog in hopes of quitting my day job to be a work at home mom. Ever since going back to work in October 2014 I have had a desire to work from home yet life kept moving and I continued to work as a full-time leasing agent and full-time mom.

After starting my blog back in May I told myself I would learn everything I needed to know to make money blogging. I would build my blog and everyone would come and I would make money. I can tell you that’s the complete opposite of what has happened.

On a side note of prioritizing:

Tonight, I read a small sample of Ruth Soukup’s book, How to start a blog for profit: Without selling your soul in which she says, “work smarter not harder” in regards to what she faced in her blogging career. Well truth be told, I have had the mindset thus far that if I would just work harder my blog will succeed which has instead taken a toll on my family and me as a person.

Ruth also talks about how she was working non-stop, ignoring her family, and ready to quit. She realized that she needed to start prioritizing and began to work on what she was passionate about and not just things that would earn income. She also saw that she needed to stop comparing herself to others which I am guilty of doing often in and out of blogging.

After reading this I found it to be the icing on the cake of everything I learned and gained this weekend. The truth is I have not been passionate about everything I have been writing as I have been so consumed with how to make money and so focused on when I can quit my day job. Some may say, “shame on you” and others may simply say “I understand”. Whatever your thoughts are on this I just needed to tell you. I can’t compare myself to others because I am my own person and each of us has something we can bring to the table.

On another side note:

I am already over 700 words into this and I am barely finishing my backstory of the reason for this post. To sum up my reasons for starting a blog whether I quit my day job next week because of this blog’s success or quit next year I want to make a commitment that I will be myself and not allow money to be my motivator. Also, I will keep my priorities in order and not worry about tomorrow.

Now, onto my weekend…Where it all started on Sunday morning when church kicked my butt. Better yet, 

God opened my eyes

A lot of you may not realize but what I am most passionate about and what comes first in my life besides family is God. My faith is so important to me because let’s be honest…I am a hot mess. And I mean ugly, crazy, hot mess. Ask my three year old. She will tell you. That’s probably why she is always wanting to do my hair for me. Just saying!

Anyways, so my daughter and I are off to church on Sunday and have our worship and then she goes with the other kids to do an activity as I stay in the service to listen to the message. I’m going to be honest, I have been dealing with learning how to forgive people. So lo and behold, the message is about loving others and forgiving them. Boy oh boy were my eyes and heart open. God stirred in me a hope that I felt like I was losing over the past couple of months since starting this blog. Since I have been overworking I have been blind to what really matters, and that is caring about others.

The first thing I wanted to do when the service was over was serve others. Instead of receiving prayer for myself I asked: “how can I pray for you?”. I wanted to actually hear what people had to say vs talking about myself. Now, I have experienced this before but because of the rut I have been in lately, it was great to have peace again and for all these great things God wants me to experience to surface.

Let me go back and say that before service I told myself I was not going to work on my blog or anything business until my daughter was sleeping. My priorities have been all wrong and every weekend I regret how I spent it as I was always frustrated, irritated, and lacking in my time spent with family. So when I heard this message it all came together.

Turning an “ordinary” weekend into something great

McKee Ranch

After church Vera and I went to McKee Ranch which is a free ranch open to the public (thanks to the McKee family opening up their home). We try to go every Sunday. I love it as it’s a way to escape the city, enjoy the animals, and for Vera to have some fun.

We then went home and we decided to go out with my mom where the rest of our night looked something like this:


Like you learned about me before, I love the Goodwill. Now, I didn’t buy anything because we know how I don’t like to spend money but it was nice to get out.

Famous Dave’s BBQ

After a little shopping we decided to get something to eat. Vera fell asleep in her car seat so we drove a bit further to let her sleep and landed at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Yum…I love me some BBQ. Now, I do have a weakness with spending money on food (I am working on that) as I did spend $41 dollars after tipping. On the bright side it was good ole quality time spent with the family.

Big Lots

After feeding myself a little too much we stopped by Big Lots to grab a couple items for our lake trip for the next day (we didn’t end up going to the lake which I was okay with and if you know of Lake Mead you wouldn’t be mad either). We did end up finding some good deals though.

On Monday, our day looked like this…

Homemade breakfast

So on Sunday, we had good intentions to check out our newly built only Cracker Barrel in Las Vegas. That didn’t happen which is okay as we didn’t need to spend any more money on eating out. My mom was kind enough to make homemade breakfast which was much better anyways.

Arts and Crafts

Vera and I made a pizza.


Vera actually took a nap for me today so I told her I would take her swimming. I don’t generally like going swimming but because of my weekend lesson I actually enjoyed it and Vera had fun.

So you ask, “What’s your point?”

As you can see, these activities to most people are not anything out of the ordinary. The thing is, it wasn’t about what we did but rather the change of heart and how I viewed my day. I saw everything I got to do with my family as a blessing, not a frustration. I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience something great from such an “ordinary” weekend and for having the ability to share it all with you.

Do you think it’s time for some prioritizing in your life? Why do you think so? 


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