Perseverance Paid Off. I Left My Day Job

Perseverance Paid Off. I Left My Day Job
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You have read all sorts of blog posts on how to leave your day job and they all keep telling you the same thing. Find out how to leave your day job the right way. You'll be surprised!Let me start by sharing with you some of my bad habits prior to becoming a mom.

Anytime I would get a job I would find myself leaving after only a few months. Many of you don’t know but alongside having an entrepreneur mindset I also dealt with a lot of anxiety in every one of the instances that I left my job after such a short time.

Each morning I woke up to get ready for work and would be accompanied with stomach aches, tingling, nausea, and a mind full of fear, anxiety, and panic.

Although leaving any of my previous jobs gave me a sense of instant relief from anxiety I found myself feeling empty and frustrated not knowing what would happen next.

Fast forward to today…

Today was a day of peace. A peace that came from building perseverance even in the midst of my challenges.

It has been a challenge the last year and a half going day in and day out to my day job. Having to drop Vera off at daycare as I cried on the way to work. Not knowing when I could finally quit.

My plan to quit my day job to work at home

Although I have had it in my head for quite some time to work from home I haven’t quite been able to supplement all of my income just yet. Therefore, I held off from quitting my job to keep working on building my business.

Over 4 months ago I had made the goal that I wanted to leave my day job by October 2016. Towards the end of September, I wasn’t sure if that would be possible.

I knew I needed to keep persevering even when I wasn’t sure what would happen…And trust that God would direct my paths.

What happened this last week leading up to today?

Even though I wasn’t sure when I would be leaving my job I decided back in July to put in some vacation time for the end of September to go to Disneyland.

This past week we weren’t able to go on our trip but I decided I would stay home with Vera for my week off and remember what it was like to be a stay at home mom again.

I did meal prep, baked, cleaned, and even did some homeschooling. I was able to make myself available to those who I love. It was great! A bit of a challenge at times since I am out of practice with the whole homemaker thing but I was enjoying taking it on.

Each day I knew I was getting closer to having to head back to work. It was dreadful but I knew I needed to persevere.

Over the past week, I knew I could Trust My God. Although I was a bit uncomfortable at times I knew he was in control and he knew my heart to be home and do more for his kingdom. So I waited.

What happened when I returned back to work?

After 9 days off, today was the day I knew was coming. I did the same thing I always did. I got up, got Vera up, and went off to work. For a while now I had been praying that I wouldn’t have to be at my job much longer but as for today I would have to go.

So I got to work like normal and knew that everything was going to be okay. I wouldn’t be there much longer.

And the time finally came. I let God lead and he led me out of there. After 1 1/2 years at a job that was so difficult to endure, I would finally be finished. 

Perseverance Paid Off…

I would officially leave my day job today!


I don’t know what’s ahead just yet but that’s okay. I am sure I may be scared at times and that’s okay. Because God has led me this far and I will trust in him to keep leading the way.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

If you are in the middle of a battle between staying or leaving your day job, just be still. Now is not the time to make any irrational decisions. I’m one to know. Remember that your building perseverance, character, and hope in the midst of life’s challenges.

Where are you at in your journey with perseverance between leaving your day job and working from home?  

Do you want to leave your day job? Find out how I left my day job having peace and joy. You too can leave your day job the right way.

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