Is Your Life an Inspiration to Others?

Is Your Life an Inspiration to Others?
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inspirationI would hope you think your life is an inspiration.

As a woman in her twenty-somethings, you would think I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, here I am. All grown-up (so I think). And most times I am not sure what I am doing. I just go day by day waiting until a light bulb goes off in my head signaling what I need to spend my life doing. Not sure if that will ever happen but I do know a couple things for sure.

I am a…

Woman of Faith. (Although, I am not perfect whatsoever)

What do all of these have in common? I am a woman with a purpose. I think writing things helps me to figure out for myself who I am.

So this brings me back to, Is your life an inspiration?

Your life is a living testimony

Since I didn’t know really what I wanted to be when I grew up I did know that my life was a walking testimony that was bound to inspire someone.

I realized this when women had come up to me and either asked me questions about my own life attempting to apply it to their own or positive encouragement or feedback.

Many times you will know what your purpose is based on the fruit you produce, meaning is it impacting someone else’s life?

I don’t have it all figured out but can truly say I am learning along the way. I want nothing more than to know I made a difference in someone else’s life and if this very thing could also be my job than everything is good.

At times I miss the bigger picture but that’s what allows me to have blog posts to write 🙂

So where does this leave you? Are you struggling with finding who you are?

Are you a mom or a wife who feels like you have no purpose?

I got news for you. Every day I hear other people’s stories and I am completely blown away. Sometimes I shed some tears, sometimes I laugh, and sometimes I am overwhelmed with complete joy to know that I am not the only one facing this very challenge.

That’s the same for you. Your life has meaning. I am sure there is someone out there who would see your story as profound inspiration and could be just the thing they needed to hear to keep them going.

So what do you think? Can you keep moving forward today and share your story with someone else whether it be through social media, a blog post, or even over coffee. Most of the time people will find you. Usually, the impact is made when you are just being you and doing life and others are watching.

So just be you.

Has your life been an inspiration to others? 

I would love to hear your story

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