Making Him Your Business Partner

Making Him Your Business Partner
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You’ve just decided to start a blog. You’re so excited for this new journey. You have seen all of the different success stories that your blogging friends have shared and now you want to be the next one.

You have this plan to build your blog full of unique content and eventually hope to use it as a full-time business.

All the other bloggers out there have recommended courses that will be the sure thing to take you to the next level in your blogging journey. You have now subscribed to the 20th email list so you can receive your free worksheet or course on “How to be a successful blogger“.

What’s next?

You start going through the 10th email course you’ve received in your inbox last week and are now moving on to the next one.

“Maybe, if I fill out the workbook that goes with it than the information will be better sustainable”, you think to yourself.

Your inbox continues to fill up with more and more subscriptions to free blogging success. Until finally, one day, you realize that 6 months have gone by and where are you at?

You’re still trying to decide on what your blog should be about.

Have you been spinning your wheels? Have you been holding onto the reins of this journey? Or have you chose to let God take the lead?

Who is your business partner?

For the past 6 months, you have chosen to listen, read, watch and accumulate as much information as possible on how to build a blog and you are still standing at the starting line.

Blog courses are great. Worksheets and workshops are helpful. But to keep looking for the answers when God is calling out to you saying, “I am the answer”, it’s time to listen to Him, to read His Word, to watch His works play out in your life.

For all us bloggers out there, we are hopefully on a mission. A mission to share our story. To give hope. To lead others to Christ. And who knows how to do that better than the one who wrote your story, gave you hope, and wrote an entire book full of how to’s, called the Bible. His Word.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, Timothy 3:16

I have failed tremendously throughout this blogging journey. I have spent countless days spinning my wheels without any real purpose.

I also have met a lot of awesome people along the way. People who have pointed me back to Him when I aimlessly tried taking my own route to blogging success.

I would also one day love to create e-courses of some sort to help others. Maybe, even write some books.

But if someone is finding themselves on a dead end road looking for the next best thing, looking for the answers elsewhere because waiting on God seems to be taking to long. Guess what? I would rather you subscribe to His Word rather than my email list. Why? Because I have been there.

I am straight up guilty of being the never-ending subscriber to countless email lists trying to find the answers to get things done now. Of course, God will take this season and use it for good (like writing this blog post), but I ultimately have been missing out on a major opportunity. An opportunity that would give me a real promotion. A pay raise of a greater value.

How could you do this?

Make Him your business partner

When I first came to this conclusion, it made me feel so safe knowing that I am not alone in this. I have a creator who knows me better than anyone else and even better than I know myself. Therefore, giving Him control throughout this journey is the best investment I can make.

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9 

So if He leads me to subscribe to “How to create awesome pins” or “How to get more email subscribers“, then I am there. But if I am using all of these avenues to replace His guidance then I need to go back to Him first.

It may sound a bit cliche but think about. He is your Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Sovereign God, Mighty Creator, Savior, and He comes first in everything.

So as you jump on this business bandwagon, allow Him to be in the driver’s seat.

Who has been leading you throughout your journey? 

Are things not going right with your business? Is your business having challenges you can't overcome? Ask yourself if you are letting God lead your business?

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