The One Who Can Be The Best You

The One Who Can Be The Best You
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The only one who can be the best you is YOU! And you’re surprised.

Day after day you find yourself checking out your neighbor, comparing yourself to their neverending Pinterest Perfect lives as I call it.

The long list of questions you ask yourself are as follows:

Why can’t I do that?
Why can they do that?
Why not me?

The list of questions all begin with WHY?

Why? You ask.

Because the focus is on comparisons. Weighing your accomplishments based on those of others. To their standards.

The only one you should be comparing yourself to is you.

You are good enough.

You are the best you that only you can be.

Nobody else can be you. We can pretend to be others. Come off faking who we really are. But if you want to be the best you then you need to start finding out about you.

Who are you?

Who do you describe yourself to be? Do you start by saying you’re like Susie, Betty, or Maggie? Or do you describe your attributes and character?

I am beautiful

I am successful

I am smart, funny, wise, and made individually by God Himself.

He made you in His image to be like Christ. To be yourself. And the neighbor next door He made individually in His image to be themselves.

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What needs to change?

Comparing yourself to others. It’s that simple. Next!

Where and when can you start?

Right, where you are. You don’t have to be in any specific area in your life to be ready to love who God made you to be.

Why do you want to be yourself and stop comparing?

You’re most likely feeling miserable. Constantly hitting a wall trying to be someone your not. You feel as if the only way to be happy is to have exactly what they have and be who they are.I don’t like feeling that

I don’t like feeling that way and I sure don’t want you to either. I want you to see yourself for who God created you to be and have the joy and peace He can only give to you.

How can you be your best you?

We are responsible for ourselves and what we choose to do with our time is up to us. Spending all our time drooling over other people’s success is only going to keep us from moving forward in making a change in our own life.

I found that praying for my own heart to change is when I started to see life and people in a different life. Because as God started to change me I began to see my best me that He created.

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Are your ready? Do you think you have what it takes to be the best you? It seems to me that being everyone else would be much harder to accomplish than simply being you. So what do you have to lose? You’re not changing bodies so you’re better off finding out who you are and what you have to offer.

What do you want to start working on in your life that can make a change for the better? 

Comparison is easy to get in the way of living the life God has planned for you to live. You are the only one who can be the best you. You are special and uniquely made in Him.

16 thoughts on “The One Who Can Be The Best You”

    • You are the best Heidi there is out there! God created you uniquely and you have a special part to play. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • “I found that praying for my own heart to change is when I started to see life and people in a different life. Because as God started to change me I began to see my best me that He created.” – Yes, prayer is such an important key to this! It’s a struggle for me, too, but you’re so right–only I can be the best me, just like only you can be the best you. Thanks for your post 🙂

    • Emily, how awesome is this! Praying for our own heart really helps and I have noticed myself doing this more and more. It’s definitely a work in progress and sometimes we need encouragement to know that He made is all different and beautiful in our own way. Thank you for sharing!

  • I was just discussing this with my small group this week. I think this is the biggest lesson God has been teaching me recently. I have spent years creating this comfort zone and this identity of what I thought I was expected to be, and I feel like only now God is really teaching me to uncover who He really created me to be me…and giving me permission to live it out with abandon! The comparison trap is one of the biggest things that has held me back.

    • Becky that is great! I think we are all guilty of doing this and it’s not until we realize how miserable we are in the status quo identity that we finally end up turning to God. He is so awesome in revealing things to us when we are willing to listen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Love your encouragement to begin the change in prayer. I know that if God needs to do business with me and weed out sin or wrong thinking, I have to make that time to sit and take care of things. It’s a commitment, and boy am I grateful for a gracious and loving God to lead me through. Thanks for encouraging us to be the very best us, Lorin.

    • Yes! Tiffany this is so true. If we would realize how much heartache we could save ourselves if we would choose to go to Him first. It is definitely a commitment and we can’t beat ourselves up because yes we have a gracious and loving God. Amen girl! Thank you for sharing!

  • So good, change begins with ourselves. I have learned the hard way that you are only in control of YOU. I surely want to be the best I can be knowing and giving God my heart to renew and mold all the way! Thank you fo such a beautiful post!
    Desiree Montalvo recently posted…MY PROVIDERMy Profile

    • Thank you, Desiree, for such kind words. The change really does start with our hearts and are only in control of ourselves. It’s awesome to think how much we can accomplish as we embrace the unique person God planned for each of us to be.

  • Oh prayer and self-reflection are SO important on your journey to be the best you that you can be! I also try my best to keep a godly heart and show the Lord that I am grateful for his grace and mercy. It has shaped me into the woman I am today!

    • Amen! Thank you for sharing your heart with us Chonce. May you continue to place your trust in Jesus as you live your life and even throughout your blogging journey.

  • I always find it so amazing how the Lord weaves His bloggers together without us even realizing it. I did a post this week called, “Be the Best Version of You”. I couldn’t believe when I visited the Grace & Truth Link-up and saw your post! Even more so, you added more insights to what the Lord had revealed to me as I wrote my post.

    Thanks so much for sharing and encouraging us to embrace who God created us to be.


    • How awesome is that Karen! Thank you for sharing this with me. I am so happy you stopped by and I’m glad it encouraged you.

    • Rachel, thank you for sharing this! It is so easy to drive ourselves crazy being someone else. I am happy to see that we can all grow in this area each day.

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