Christian Bloggers On A Mission

Christian bloggers on a mission?

Bloggers on a mission are where Christian bloggers are eager to get God’s Word out. You desire to use your blog to share God’s work in your life in hopes of encouraging someone else.

You find yourself coming back to God’s truth looking for his guidance and counsel through each step you take.

It’s easy to get lost in the countless number of blogging tips and tricks if you’re not standing firm. I’ve been there and it only takes a split second. Therefore, being embedded¬†in God’s Word through this blogging journey is a necessity and you’ll find more peace when you seek Him first.

Community With Christian Bloggers

You’ll also want to be in community with other Christian bloggers and that’s why we would love to have you join the Bloggers on a Mission Facebook group where Christian bloggers are eager to get the Word out. We’ll learn to build our blog on the Rock while building perseverance, character, and hope every step of the way.

Every Month we will be in a new series applying biblical truths to building a Christ-centered blog. Each day you will have the opportunity to share and interact with other Christian bloggers on the mission field through weekly engagements including an opportunity to share new blog posts, social media, collaborating, video discussions, and much more.

Want to be a Blogger on a Mission?

Be a part of the Bloggers on a Mission Facebook Group today! The group is open to Christian bloggers who are excited to share Christ and help others. We would love to have you. Be the hands and feet that God uses to touch lives. There are people who are in need of hope and you could be just the one who points them to it.

Will you be a blogger on a mission? 


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