Meeting Him Through Journaling

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For the last 20 years, I have been journaling. It has been an adventure journaling for my marriage, children, heart, and God’s strength. It has taught me a myriad of things about myself. Things I wanted to know and things I could do without. I’ve found peace in times of chaos. I have found a breath of fresh air where darkness wanted to creep in. At times, when I felt I couldn’t go another day, it reminded me He (My Lord) was there. Journaling kept me in a daily conversation, where God was continuously MY King, MY Savior, MY Healer, and Joy.

Journaling Bibles

Journaling provided me comfort when trials seemed like impossible mountains to climb. He provided me peace when my body was ill with cancer or in pain (did I mention years of pain). It filled me with love when I sought to be loved in the world and by the world. I choose Him through journaling each and every time. I choose to seek His joy and smile my way through His divine plan for my life. How could I not, He does not create mess!

Read more...I was and am His masterpiece and He showed me all of this through meeting Him as much as possible with pen and paper through the pain.

I thank God for the opportunity to have conversations with him through writing and it is for that reason that I believe I have been called to share my journal, my pride, my joy, and gift. I am so excited for the opportunity to share in you finding Joy knowing that God created you for a great purpose. Isn’t that awesome to know? You can pray with Him and make His JOY contagious.

This is a journey!

My journey with you! I pray through each and every one of these journal writings you not only experience God’s love, but you feel and see how much He truly wants you to be happy through the good and the not so pleasant moments. Even when your day can’t go any worse or your health can’t get any worse …….Rejoice! and know that He is and will always be God!

His way works!

I pray you learn to journal and declare all the things you believe He can do for you. Pray for mentally knowing that it is only with Him and through Him that you can accomplish everything in this life. Nothing is possible without him or impossible with HIM! There is no right way to praise HIM. Just embrace HIS love and JOY this moment as you read, affirm and pray for His promises to be manifested in your life.

New gifts

Sincerely, from My Heart To Yours… through prayers and affirmation Make God’s JOY and peace completely contagious!

About Desiree:

Hi, My name is Desiree. I am a mother, a wife, a sister, and friend. I am loved by God. I am a lover of God. It is my desire and true joy that you get to experience God as I have throughout the years. It is only through Him I have made it! It is only God’s joy that has pulled me through and has continued to pull me through each day. I love to inspire and encourage others to reach out to the only one who gives a true and peaceful life: JESUS! Join me as we take a journey into the place of JOY in Jesus. I am so excited that you are here! Join me at Making Joy Contagious.


4 thoughts on “Meeting Him Through Journaling”

  1. I think it’s awesome to be able to have yet another way of communicating with Him. You’re doing great Veronica. Congratulations on the Ebook. It just shows how powerful prayer is.

  2. Our journals become part of our legacy!

    You wrote and it is so true: “I was and am His masterpiece and He showed me all of this through meeting Him as much as possible with pen and paper through the pain.”


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