Plan A Kids Birthday Party In 8 Easy Steps

Planning a kids birthday party doesn't have to be time consuming or expensive. Here are 8 easy steps to planning an epic birthday party that your child will love. So my daughter’s birthday party is only two weeks away. She’s turning four so you would think it’s going to be a lot of planning. Planning a kids birthday party doesn’t have to be.

Throughout the week I have been asking her what kind of birthday she wants. Of course, she points to her shirt (which happens to be Tinker Bell). And the other day it was Frozen. If she sees it she wants it. I would love to do a farm theme. So I’m working on it lol.

Anyways, so in such a short time so much can get done and it’s even possible to throw an epic party even on a budget.

Here is a quick guide on how to plan a kids birthday party when you’re short on time and money. And don’t mean being cheap either. It will be a moment they will remember.

Step 1- Budget

The first thing you need to do before you start looking at themes and supplies is your pocket book. How much are able to spend? I will give you a tip. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for this party to be epic. We’ll say with a party of 10-20 people, you can plan this party from the gifts to the food for under $200. Which in my roster, is a good deal. After you decide on a number that works for you, we can move onto the fun stuff.

Step 2- Theme

As told from my little scenario above, a four-year-old shouldn’t be tough to pick a theme for. If your child is a little older, you may have to do some digging. In my case, I am probably going with a Peppa Pig Farm theme. I will make sure to fill you in later. This step is pretty simple.

Step 3- Invites

Now it’s time to decide how many people will be coming. This is necessary to determine the other steps. If your budget is only $200 you again can have between 10-20 people. After you know how many people, you can send invites. You can do a free event on Facebook or if you’re anything like me, you can do paper invites created on the Walmart website ready for pick-up within an hour for less than $10. I love how they always come out.

Step 4- Location

Now you will need to decide on a location. I live in a condo so having the party here is not an option. But if you have a house you may want to consider hosting the party at your house to save some money which can instead be applied towards fun activities. If you don’t want to have it at your house, a park is a fun and affordable option.

Step 5- Food

This one is probably the most difficult part but only if you allow it to be. Therefore, two easy options if there are no food allergy objections, you can do 5 pizzas and make your own cake. If you’re not a baker, you can always purchase a beautiful cake at most markets for under $15. The other food option is finger foods. This means, a veggie tray, fruit bowl, chips, and mini sandwiches. With either option, you can get everything for under $50.

Step 6- Decorations

Once you have your theme, you can now pick out the decor. I always get the mylar balloons from Dollar Tree along with the paper and plastic goods. The reason being is I can match the colors with the theme.

Step 7- Activities

For the creatives, this should be simple. For me, not so much. You can do pin the tail, musical chairs, charades, the limbo. I am going to invest the extra bucks in getting a pro face painter. Kids will love all of these ideas. No need to buy much in this category.

Step 8- Gifts

This is more for you and your preference but it still should be included in your budget. You can either do presents or a future fun day like going to the zoo, build-a-bear, or anything else you can do as a family.

There you have it. 8 simple steps to planning an epic kids birthday party with little time & money.

Have some more tips not covered in this list? Be sure to share them in the comments. 


4 thoughts on “Plan A Kids Birthday Party In 8 Easy Steps”

  1. As an adult who only plans parties for adults this is also very helpful advice. I tend to get overwhelmed when thinking about everything that has to happen. You’ve laid it all out very clearly.

    If you buy balloons at Walmart you can usually get them filled with Helium for free (or at least you can at the walmart I work at).

    1. Thank you, Chloe for sharing the balloon tip. These steps can definitely be applied as a guide to help plan a party for any age. I am glad you found it useful.

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