The Best Valentine’s Day Gift You Can Receive (Even For Singles)

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift You Can Receive (Even For Singles)
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I know you were hoping for a dozen roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates but just know you have someone who can give you a Valentine’s Day gift more valuable than those 2,000 calories.

Jesus loves you and does so unconditionally. And you don’t have to wait once a year to know so. He offers this free gift to you year-a-round at no cost. He’s a gentleman and has paid the price.

How will you respond to His Valentine’s Day gift?

There are so many different opinions about Valentine’s Day. The idea that companies are just trying to make a buck. That it’s not even a holiday. And your opinions may be right. But although these opinions seem to be factual there is a truth that could change your life. Valentine’s Day can be a reason to celebrate the love God has for you.

How will you receive this gift he has for you? Is it worth more than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers? I think so! Do you?

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How is this Valentine’s Day gift better than any other?

You may have received some great Valentine’s Day gifts throughout the years but God’s gift to you will surpass them all.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15

This scripture says it all. The best gift ever is indescribable which means that it’s not something even Hallmark can match up to. His gift is full of grace, forgiveness, and love that nothing else can compare to.

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Will You Receive His Valentine’s Day Gift?

This gift will allow you to look at Valentine’s Day as not just a day to spend money. Because this gift that Jesus offers you is absolutely FREE! Wow! You can’t beat that. And the bonus part is that this gift will never run out.

It will still be there after Valentine’s Day and every day. Will you receive His Valentine’s Day gift?

I would love to hear how God’s perfect gift of salvation, grace, love, and forgiveness has impacted you. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? 

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