For The Mom Who Wants To Be A Work At Home Mom

For The Mom Who Wants To Be A Work At Home Mom
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You want to be home with your kids. They are still little and each day is passing in the blink of an eye. How will you ever get to be with them if you’re always working outside the home? You desperately want to be a work at home mom. And spend more time with your kids. I get it!

Up until last October, I was that mom and at times through the unknown, I still have bits and pieces of anxiety and fear that tries to steal my joy and keeps me from trusting in myself and what I am capable of doing versus what God is capable of doing.

When you’re a working mom

Every day you find yourself getting up early just to drop your child off at daycare for 10 hours and just to see them for a couple hours before they go to bed and have to start all over tomorrow. The emotions of a working mom are many.

You go to work feeling as if it will never end. The endless cycle of work come home, work come home, work come home, and you finally ask yourself after doing this same thing repeatedly, “When can I be a work at home mom”?

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It’s a fleeting thought that you really don’t put much thought to. Until one day the thought starts to become a deep longing desire within yourself. The desire to set your own schedule, have more time with your kids, the desire to be a work at home mom. And although you continue to persevere each day and go to your 9-5 job, the desire doesn’t go away.

Searching “how to be a work at home mom”

That’s when the soul searching now turns into a google search for “how to be a work at home mom”. The search results are countless. Which one will help you to achieve this desire to be a work at home mom that is burning in your heart? And you better find answers quick because this burning may not stop and you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed with doing everything in your own strength.

I know you want answers now and it’s normal. You are a mom and you want to be home where I would love to see every mom.

But even in the midst of wanting something sometimes it pays off to persevere.

Leaving your day job to be a work at home mom

In May 2016, I started a blog in hopes of working from home. I had searched about “how to work from home” just like you have. I worked on my blog until sometimes 2 am just to go to my job the next day. I was determined to leave my day job to be a work at home mom. And in October of 2016, I left my day job.

I persevered through each day I had to be away from my home and family. And the time would finally come that I would be able to leave my full-time day job. But wait! Although I did leave my day job it was not because I had supplemented my income from working at home like many of the success stories you hear out there. But even though I had no income coming in I was ecstatic. I had peace and joy that I would finally get to be home. I persevered every step of the way.

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Trusting God with the desire to be a work at home mom

The persevering has not stopped. Although I am home now the first four months were draining. The whole time I have been home my priorities were all messed up. I had wanted to be at home with my child but instead spent countless hours on my computer to try to bring in an income. For a minute there I even began to lose faith that God would never allow me to do this. That I am just going to be stuck at another 9-5 job taking my daughter back to daycare.

Until recently I realized, He is in control. As a Christian woman, I was not acting like it. I was allowing money and riches rain in my life. I was not allowing Him to be Lord over every part of my life including the desire to be a work at home mom.

I was following the blueprint of how the world says “how you can be a work at home mom” instead of allowing God to be the center of this journey. And although it makes me cringe at times, the thought of going back to work. I am still going to trust in Him. He knows the desires of my heart and I know that He will provide for our needs no matter what that may look like.

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Where are you at with your desire to be a work at home mom? I would love to know so I can pray for you. 

3 thoughts on “For The Mom Who Wants To Be A Work At Home Mom”

  • I want so badly to work from home. The desire started years ago when my children were very young. I never was able to take the leap. I was always afraid of losing the income and not being able to make ends meet. I thought the desire would fade when my children started school, but it has actually intensified. Right now, I am stuck in the space of wanting to leave my job at the end of this school year, but not knowing how I will make up for the shortfall in income. I have a few freelance opportunities lined up, but my husband doesn’t feel good about just having those. Without his blessing, I don’t feel like I can move forward.

    • I completely get it! I may not have all the answers as far as how to make a lot of money to stay at home I can offer encouragement to moms who desire to be home. For three years I have been a single mom being the sole financial provider and I was sick of feeling like I was never going to be home again.

      I saved for two years and in October I lost my job. I didn’t really have any income coming in but one writing job in which I am working on getting more but I decided I was going to take the risk and stay home anyways even with no income coming in but would rely on my savings. If I eventually receive the help of my husband than for sure I can be home but as for now I am having faith and have NO intentions on going back to work outside the home.

      This is my journey and I want other moms who are struggling with this to be able to find hope even when it’s not the answer they were looking for. Heidi, I have seen your work. You are doing such a beautiful thing and praying that God would direct your paths. I pray that your family would not worry about money and you can have peace. Keep up the good work pretty lady!

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