Humble Beginnings: Making It Happen Over Night

Humble Beginnings: Making It Happen Over Night
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humble beginningsWe’ve all been there. Humble beginnings. You have a dream and all of a sudden you find yourself doing everything possible to make it happen. You may even start getting the idea that it needs to happen now.

A week goes by and you’re highly disappointed that you are further than ever from that dream you once had.

But are you really that far?

What if God has you in the exact place you need to be. You’re in a season of searching for answers and looking for ways to get one step closer to reaching your goals. Along the way, you may not even realize how much you are accomplishing in the meantime.

In The Making

You don’t want to miss out on something significant. Look at where you are right now. Does it seem as if you’re not moving anywhere?

Maybe all the research you’re doing is not in vain. Maybe it’s exactly what God needs you to do to show determination. Do you think people don’t find anything useful in the work you’re doing? Maybe He is using you to share His love with someone but you just can’t see it.

Do you struggle with pride? I know I do. I am someone who wants to have control and if I don’t see something happening I start to get down and wonder what I am doing wrong.

Humble Beginnings

I have realized that God is teaching and molding me in areas that I need to be worked on. That area is turning pride to humility.

This week I have been talking to God and searching for answers in regards to this season I am in. Everything is pretty much at a stand-still, so it seems. I am at the bottom of the totem pole and have been unsure why.

As I was in prayer I open the bible hoping for a word.

I open up to Job, and as I continued to read I ran across Job 8:7.

Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be. Job 8:7

Right after reading that, I said, “REALLY?”.

Are you kidding me, God? Is this why it seems as if I am not going anywhere?

The pride that I have had for so long needs to go and if this is how God will rid me of it then so be it. It’s not fun, I can tell you that much. For a person who wants things to happen overnight, a person not used to waiting, I need this. God created me and knows what’s best. In the long run, I will appreciate why I had to endure this season of waiting and humility.

I have also heard a couple messages recently on the topic of my following which also shows me that this is a subject that is really being focused on right now.

Not only once but twice I heard a message about how I need to view my following, which in my case, my blog page views.

This has been a very tough one for me to swallow but again, I think God is doing a much-needed work in me.

Take Care Of What You Do Have

The first message I heard was about being grateful for your three followers. If I am always looking for more and not even taking care of the three I do have, then I don’t deserve any more.

A scripture that comes to mind is Luke 16:10

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much,

Why would God give me more if I can’t even care for what I already have? It makes sense.

Another message I heard within a couple weeks time was as follows:

If I can’t even handle a couple neighbors not liking me then how could I possibly be able to handle an entire following of people who will not always like what I say? It too also makes a lot of sense.

And it was then that I have begun to realize that I cannot keep expecting to receive more in my life if I can’t be okay in the humble beginnings of little.

It’s a progress. There are days where I can easily digest the fact of being in the beginning and at times I have a harder time. Today was one of them which is why I decided to write a blog post about it. God is doing His work.

Where are you at? Is God doing a transformation in you that has been a challenge while in the waiting?

I want to hear about it! 

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