The Peace In The Midst Of A Storm

The Peace In The Midst Of A Storm
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Over the past months, boy o’ boy has it been a whirlwind of chaos. In the past, I may have lost my mind or even turned to disastrous sources for fulfillment and fixing. But this time things are different. How could one possibly have peace in the midst of a storm? I can tell you first hand.

*For the record I know some people may think I am wrong for discussing such matters as they are personal I would tell you that I am going to take the risk of doing so in hopes of giving hope to the hopeless. Because we all know how awesome real-life testimonies are.

Peace in the midst of madness- It’s Possible

So in the midst of all this madness I have been enduring in the midst of this storm, I HAVE PEACE. Now, that doesn’t mean that every moment of the day I have had a smile on my face. I am still human and screaming children and broken relationships still cause a bit of emotion at times but for the majority at the end of the day, I can literally say THANK YOU JESUS FOR BEING HERE WITH ME!

And that’s just it. I am not alone. I have everything I need. I could lose everything as the enemy tries to kill steal and destroy, that’s all he can do is try but he will never win because as John 10:10 says,

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Amen! And if you know me personally and know what I have been going through for awhile now you would probably be thinking that I have no reason to be tooting my horn. But I have every reason.

I have peace because of the Prince of Peace. And I have everything to be grateful for. I may have no job but I have breath in my lungs to go search for one and pray. I have a healthy beautiful child to wake up to every day who is healthy. My relationships may be broken but I have a relationship with Jesus that nobody could ever tear apart. There is GOOD NEWS written all over this post and I had no intentions of writing today but glad I did and hope you find the peace in the midst of your storm.

How has Jesus lifted you up in your storm?

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