My December 2017 Make Money From Home Journey

My December 2017 Make Money From Home Journey
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There are so many ways in this day and age to make money from home. I have decided to share my journey on how I make money from home as I become a work at home mom.

***For the record, I don’t have a second income in my house so this journey to become a work at home is great for single moms who don’t have another spouse’s income to rely on.

This work at home mom journey shows you exactly how I make money from home giving you tips and ideas to do the same

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Here is my December 2017 work at home journey of how I made money from home

Sold Items Online

These are some of the items I sold using the Facebook Marketplace. All these items were old items my daughter didn’t need anymore and needed to clean out my house so I decided to sell them instead.







As I started selling my items I realized there was a need for baby and kids items so I began searching for more items I could get for cheap or free and turn around and resell.

For example, the North States 8-Panel Superyard Colorplay Playard I sold for $60 and had only bought it just a few days earlier for $10 at a yard sale knowing the profit I could make. It was brand new and retails for $20 more so I knew it would be a quick sale.

When I first tried selling my old items I tried selling them on ebay. At first, I wasn’t selling anything which is why I moved my items to Facebook. But on the last day of December, I sold my first item on ebay. Yayy!

I sold a cute pair of girls Carhartt leggings. The other items on my ebay are on a 7-day auction so I will know if they sold by the end of the week.

This is how I made an extra $400 in one month selling my items! I decided to set this as my goal each month just for selling items online.


What I’m working on for January to make money from home as I become a work at home mom

These are some of the areas I am working to make money from home:

  • Virtual Assisting
  • Freelance Writing
  • Selling Online
  • Blog Marketing

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