Making Money From Home Journey: Selling On Ebay (Week 1)

So it’s been almost a week since I started listing items on eBay. Today says day one since I decided to start journaling my journey through this season. So today marks the 1st day of sharing with you my efforts to make money online by selling on ebay. This first day will cover what I have done so far along with some goals. I hope you are as excited as I am since I know many of you out there are too in the beginning phases of making money from home, working at home, or specifically going the route of selling on ebay. Continue reading “Making Money From Home Journey: Selling On Ebay (Week 1)”

Checking your motives when working for the Lord

“Is the work I am doing for the Lord being done with right motives? This question came to mind this week as I re-entered ministry in sharing God’s Word with others (through this website and social media to be exact). I wanted to make sure that whatever I was doing was for the right who and the right why. That I was REALLY working for the Lord to give him the glory and not for myself to take the credit.

After 5 months of stepping back from writing, I quickly noticed how easy it is to fall into the same trap that led me to stop blogging, to begin with. The trap filled with wrong motives. Money, fame, false satisfaction, and selfishness are just a few places you can find yourself when you’re dealing with wrong motives. That’s why it’s extremely important to check your motives when working for the Lord as wrong motives are going to be detrimental to your growth. Continue reading “Checking your motives when working for the Lord”

Dani Munoz’s Story: From Ivy-Leaguing to Homemaking

Who are you trying to please? The answer to this question defines our priorities and purpose, as well as our sense of peace. Looking back, the answer transformed beautifully as I drew nearer to God.

“Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10


God made His home with me in high school. Throughout my childhood I had developed into an extreme perfectionist, striving to succeed in every area of life with the utmost pride.  A quiet arrogance rested on my spirit. However, by God’s grace, I was introduced to Jesus Christ by a friend.

The Holy Spirit quickly stirred up awe in my heart over His life and sacrifice on the cross. I realized that I was far from perfect—a soul separated from God by my willful disobedience.

Although I may have appeared to my community as a “good girl” on the outside, achieving high marks in academics and athletics, on the inside I recognized my jealous, critical, and selfish thoughts, my moral failures, and knew I needed forgiveness from the Maker of the Universe. Placing my trust in Jesus was the Way. Continue reading “Dani Munoz’s Story: From Ivy-Leaguing to Homemaking”

When you’re trying to do “godly works” apart from Him

Say this with me, “It doesn’t work!”. I mean have at it but you probably know from experience that when you get a word from God on what you need to be doing and then decide to do it your own way, you are usually left feeling frustrated, empty, and with no peace. You know that feeling. When you’re trying to do godly works apart from Him.

Well, and that is exactly what I experienced recently and thought I would share with you. Yesterday morning I got up and had plenty of things that were for God that I needed to focus on for that day. I knew I needed to be in God’s Word before anything else so I took about two seconds and read some scripture but more so to say I did it. Mistake numero uno.

Continue reading “When you’re trying to do “godly works” apart from Him”

Are you living for God’s standards in your marriage or your own

Have you ever been so angry at your spouse for wronging you that you felt it was excusable to stay mad at them regardless of what God says about this very thing? Answering this question leads you to think if you are living for God’s standards in your marriage or your own.

As a child of God who everyday desires to do what is pleasing to my God, I am guilty of this very thing. I am guilty of judging others seeing that they have double standards yet I have them myself. Continue reading “Are you living for God’s standards in your marriage or your own”

How I experienced God’s favor when selling my car

So you would think that selling your car is a normal thing that really shouldn’t have much thought right? Well, you would be right if you were someone who doesn’t analyze everything. But for this girl writing this, I have dealt with extreme indecision, anxiety, and OCD when even making simple decisions such as what to eat at a restaurant or in regards to this story, selling my car.

Such a simple task as selling my car can rack my brain for days on end. All while even experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety such as nausea. Yeah, you could say, “Well you’re a Christian, aren’t you supposed to be anxious for nothing and pray about everything”? And I would tell you that you’re right. And I would also tell you that’s why I am writing this today as a way to share with you how I end up trusting God and pushing through even in the midst of my anxiety. Continue reading “How I experienced God’s favor when selling my car”

When I realized I had permission to just “Be Still”

Have you ever dealt with different challenges in life where it was obvious that you were walking in your flesh? I mean everything you did while relying on your own strength left you feeling even more frustrated than before. You just couldn’t be still.

But then something happened. Now, I’m not sure where you are in your faith and relationship with Jesus but boy is it obvious when I am slipping further and further away from him. So it seems. Continue reading “When I realized I had permission to just “Be Still””

Through His Strength Not My Own

You wake up in the morning and your daughter has peed their bed. You have now started off your morning with a nice to-do list you don’t even need to write.

So you give your daughter a bath and get her dressed, make her breakfast, start a load of peed-on laundry, have to now steam clean the floor and mattress, and haven’t even had a sip of your morning coffee. Wow! How do you do it?

You must be superwoman. Wait! Maybe not. The heat turns up, even more, when…

You’re husband then asks you if you’ve seen his car keys, you’re freshly bathed four-year-old spills milk all over her outfit, the dog is scratching at the back door to go outside (you don’t want to clean up any more messes so you quickly open the door), and your husband is still asking you where his keys are. Do you have a second to help me find them because I’m going to be late to work, he asks? Ha, a second, what’s that, you think to yourself?

You change your daughter’s outfit and she’s off to play with her toys. You find your husband’s keys in the fridge door, and you let the dog back inside. All completed with not even one sip of coffee.

Again, how do you do it? Continue reading “Through His Strength Not My Own”

You Cannot Serve Both God And Money

Either you will hate the one or love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. As I splurged all of my anger out tonight I shared with my mom how frustrated I was that there are non-believers who have a lot of money and myself who is doing well for his kingdom is amounting to nothing.

I’m just going to be real with you, I have always had a love for money. I have also walked down many dark places because of it. Places that no one’s daughter should ever walk down.

The love of money led me down a dark road

I have made a lot of money real fast and have also lost money in the blink of an eye. Many times I have chosen money over my only family and at times I gave it away although it was tough.

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1 Timothy 6:10

Money has been an ever-consuming stronghold in my life that has caused me to miss out on so much more that is of the utmost value. And truth be told, money is NOT it! Continue reading “You Cannot Serve Both God And Money”

Humble Beginnings: Making It Happen Over Night

humble beginningsWe’ve all been there. Humble beginnings. You have a dream and all of a sudden you find yourself doing everything possible to make it happen. You may even start getting the idea that it needs to happen now.

A week goes by and you’re highly disappointed that you are further than ever from that dream you once had.

But are you really that far?

What if God has you in the exact place you need to be. You’re in a season of searching for answers and looking for ways to get one step closer to reaching your goals. Along the way, you may not even realize how much you are accomplishing in the meantime. Continue reading “Humble Beginnings: Making It Happen Over Night”