How to stay motivated as a single mom

staying motivatedYou may think that going to the store for a quick pick up of some items has nothing more to it. You approach the checkout stand to find yourself exchanging some words with the cashier. I usually find myself asking their opinion on something I am buying which sometimes leads to more conversation.

Well this  happened to me recently. The cashier and I somehow started talking about life as a single mom and that we should be so proud of ourselves. As I departed the checkout to head to my car I realized that just a quick moment of some words being exchanged could be so motivating. It is moments like these that I realize I am not alone and times like these encourage me to keep going.

I have found that there are many other ways that keep me motivated as a single mom and believe you may also be able to benefit from these on your journey.

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Top 5 deciding factors when choosing childcare

paintIt was nearing the end of the year 2014. I had just found out that I would be going from homemaker to working mom meaning I would now need to find suitable childcare for my almost two year old at the time. Fear set in and all the many thoughts and questions began. It was a difficult time but I found that these five things were on the top of my list to consider when searching for childcare and were very helpful in making my decision.

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Alternative ways to continue working without using full time daycare

work and avoid daycareI have been at the same full-time job now for over a year now and it just gets more difficult the longer I am there. Being at a 9-5 job is sure to take away your freedom and time away from your family. Having to put your child in daycare is not only costly but draining when trying to build a relationship with your child and guiding their direction. Unless of course you work at a daycare or run your own at home daycare. If your wanting to use daycare at times to help them to be social and prepare them for school than that is fine.

Now if you think that having to be away from your child all day to go to work is the only option, it’s not.

Here is a list of alternatives on how you can still earn a living and watch your child grow.

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Working at home can fit your schedule better than a day job

day job schedule postUnless you have an awesome boss that lets you come and go as you please than you are probably one of many that struggles with fitting your schedule in with your day job. Being at my day job for over a year now I can tell you what a struggle it has been. I am sure if you work a 9 to 5 and have kids than you know what I mean. This is why I have found that working at home allows you to have the flexibility needed for your work and home life. Let’s see how working around doctor appointments, sick days, and holidays may be a little more feasible than before. You may find that many of these will remind you of what you have to deal with at your job and possibly encourage you to start working from home. Continue reading “Working at home can fit your schedule better than a day job”

Things to consider when searching for a rental property

blue shuttersYou have seen many “For Rent” or “Now Leasing” signs when driving but didn’t know it would be your turn soon to make the move. It can be an exciting time in your life knowing that your moving in a new direction but it can also be a time filled with anxiety as your next thought is, “Where do I begin?”.

Having experience as a leasing consultant and even doing my own rental search. I have put together a list of some of the main things to consider when searching for your next rental home. If you have any questions along the way please don’t hesitate to ask.

Deciding on your budget

First and foremost, what is the dollar sign that you have in your monthly housing budget? This number will answer many of the next questions regarding what kind of home you can afford, features included, location, and all the other must haves.

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A list of resources to get you on your feet

You think back to the times it was you and your spouse as one happy family. Maybe you have never been married yet envisioning having that family. Instead as you get into your car you realizeresources blog post it is only you and the 3 ft tall person in the car seat behind you. You just went from dreaming to the realization of being a single parent. Whether you are a new single parent or have always been one and need some assistance to get you on your feet I want to start by applauding you for humbling yourself to ask for help. Here is a list of resources to help you get started.

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Top 3 emotions working moms deal with when away

top 3 emotionsPlease make sure you give her a stuffed animal at nap, dilute her juice, and have her wash her hands…

These are just some of the many phrases that you may hear a mom speak as she hands off her kid to someone else to head to work. Does this sound like you? I remember the first couple months I had Vera in daycare I drove the daycare staff nuts. With all of my demanding requests from washing her hands to she needs her stuffed giraffe at nap-time. A few times the director pulled me aside to let me know I was making the teachers feel like they were walking on egg shells. I didn’t realize that was what I was doing, but I also didn’t know what else to do with the emotions towards someone else watching my child. Let’s take a look at some of the natural emotions that moms face when leaving their child for the day and how we can properly deal with these emotions.

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From Homemaker to Working Mom

I recall the days I would be in the office and see a mom with her baby out running her daily homemaker errands and think to myself “Why can’t I be home with my baby too, this isn’t fair?”. The truth is that I am not the only one struggling with seeing my child for only two hours each

homemakerday before she is soon off to bed just to start all over the next day. If that is you and you desire to be home again or for the first time, let me tell you it is possible.

As you may already know I currently take care of Vera full-time and work a full-time job. In 2014 I began my journey doing both mom and bread-winner. It has been a challenging ride and I am learning all the time on ways to be a better mom and person.

The Search Begins

It was now just Vera and I that summer. My mind was racing not sure what I was going to do as I was used to being a full-time homemaker. The full-time income in our house had came to a screeching halt and now I was left to pick up the pieces and put this puzzle together. As a homemaker my duties were to take care of Vera, cooking, cleaning, and budgeting so I wasn’t completely lost when it came to handling finances. I told myself that there was no way that I would be working outside the house and I searched day and night on how I could continue to stay at home while paying the bills. We were renting a townhouse not to far from the strip and it wasn’t the best neighborhood but it was where we were. I was looking for answers from family to the internet on what the next step was going to be. The pressure of paying next month’s rent was coming on strong. Was it all about to boil down to finding a job outside the house and now searching for childcare for Vera?

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