My December 2017 Make Money From Home Journey

There are so many ways in this day and age to make money from home. I have decided to share my journey on how I make money from home as I become a work at home mom.

***For the record, I don’t have a second income in my house so this journey to become a work at home is great for single moms who don’t have another spouse’s income to rely on.

This work at home mom journey shows you exactly how I make money from home giving you tips and ideas to do the same

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How A Single Mom Can Save $15K In One Year Or Less

You may think it’s impossible for a single mom to save $15K in less than a year. I will tell you from experience, it’s possible. Everyone’s situation may be different but along my journey to building my savings, I will share what tools and resources I used.

I want to be upfront, I am sharing this with you because I want everyone to know it’s possible for anyone to save money. Even a single mom.

So here are the resources that helped me save $15K in a year.

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Making Him Your Business Partner

You’ve just decided to start a blog. You’re so excited for this new journey. You have seen all of the different success stories that your blogging friends have shared and now you want to be the next one.

You have this plan to build your blog full of unique content and eventually hope to use it as a full-time business.

All the other bloggers out there have recommended courses that will be the sure thing to take you to the next level in your blogging journey. You have now subscribed to the 20th email list so you can receive your free worksheet or course on “How to be a successful blogger“.

What’s next?

You start going through the 10th email course you’ve received in your inbox last week and are now moving on to the next one.

“Maybe, if I fill out the workbook that goes with it than the information will be better sustainable”, you think to yourself.

Your inbox continues to fill up with more and more subscriptions to free blogging success. Until finally, one day, you realize that 6 months have gone by and where are you at?

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