Is Your Life an Inspiration to Others?

inspirationI would hope you think your life is an inspiration.

As a woman in her twenty-somethings, you would think I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well, here I am. All grown-up (so I think). And most times I am not sure what I am doing. I just go day by day waiting until a light bulb goes off in my head signaling what I need to spend my life doing. Not sure if that will ever happen but I do know a couple things for sure.

I am a…

Woman of Faith. (Although, I am not perfect whatsoever)

What do all of these have in common? I am a woman with a purpose. I think writing things helps me to figure out for myself who I am.

So this brings me back to, Is your life an inspiration?

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Allowing others to determine your attitude

attitudeSometimes it seems that way. Doesn’t it? Allowing others to determine your attitude. 

You have a goal to do something and someone comes wobbling in after you throwing around their words.

And what do you do? You want nothing more than to ignore the insult but instead allow it to affect you and your choices.

Later in the day, you realize not all the words you exchanged were as wise as you would’ve wanted them to be. And the other people that have nothing to do with the confrontation got all the leftover negativity.

It seems to me that maybe, just maybe, you’re allowing others to determine your success.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. The reason I can say this is because I am guilty of it myself.  Continue reading “Allowing others to determine your attitude”

Where Do You Find Your Security?

The world says to find your security in money, possessions, and fame. God says to find your security in Him. Who are you following?Every day you wake up you’re faced with the decision on what you will eat, what you will wear, who you’ll network with, and how you will basically live out your day. There is also the question of “Where’s your security” as you have the choice of where you will place it.

Is it money? Fame? Maybe it’s your faith? 

From somebody who has at one time placed her security in things that would completely tear my life apart if I kept on, I want to help you take a look at the different areas where your’re placing your security and how it could be affecting you?

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Lessons Learned Once You Become A Parent

parentBefore being a parent I pretty much made choices based on what I wanted and what I thought was best for me. My needs came first, I could do what I wanted, I would do things without thinking too much about what the consequences would be for my actions.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years my life has made a 180-degree turn. I shall say a turn for the better. Without my child, I would be jacked up right now. The direction was going down was just that, downhill and downhill fast. My life was heading for disaster and I was planning on stopping anytime soon. Yes, I had got married in 2012 but to be honest my focus was on nothing but myself. No matter if I was dealing with a lot of mental difficulties at the time I still had a choice to choose myself or to choose others. And I can tell you straight out I was choosing myself. It was destroying me and my loved ones.

Even as a Christian I was being disobedient. I was blessed with a child in 2013. She is now three years old. Looking back through the years since she was born I see how my life has changed. Yes, I still face struggles. Yes, parenting is difficult and sometimes I feel like breaking down. In all of it, though, your child can teach you so much. My life has been impacted greatly by my daughter and I would like to share what you’re learning too without realizing it.

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Perseverance Paid Off. I Left My Day Job

You have read all sorts of blog posts on how to leave your day job and they all keep telling you the same thing. Find out how to leave your day job the right way. You'll be surprised!Let me start by sharing with you some of my bad habits prior to becoming a mom.

Anytime I would get a job I would find myself leaving after only a few months. Many of you don’t know but alongside having an entrepreneur mindset I also dealt with a lot of anxiety in every one of the instances that I left my job after such a short time.

Each morning I woke up to get ready for work and would be accompanied with stomach aches, tingling, nausea, and a mind full of fear, anxiety, and panic.

Although leaving any of my previous jobs gave me a sense of instant relief from anxiety I found myself feeling empty and frustrated not knowing what would happen next.

Fast forward to today…

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Leaving a Legacy of “Selfless Character”

Let me start off by saying that this post is about someone who deserves the recognition for doing her part as a Christ follower to “love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself”.

The person of this “selfless character” is one to have stood her ground even in the midst of being faced with only 3-6 months to live. “If God is for us, who can be against us”

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Mom Keep Up The Good Work Even When You’re Tired

mom keep up the good work This is the first time I have written in a couple weeks. I am currently on vacation from my job and have chosen to stay home and feel as if I a stay at home mom once again.

After a long eventful night at a toddler’s birthday party and not getting my daughter to bed until 11:30 pm, I decided to share some of what’s been going on with you.

So here I am at 12:20 am with an ice cold caffeine free root beer sharing my thoughts. I’m tired. That about sums it up. I’m plain old exhausted. And you’re probably asking “how can I be tired when I am on vacation?”. Well, I am. And I wanted to write this to you to let you know that you’re not alone.

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Simplifying your life doesn’t have to be hard

simplifyingSimplifying life seems to be something that a lot more people are desiring to do. You find yourself stuck between not knowing how and making things even more complicated in the making.

I know, because I’ve been there. You don’t have to be stuck forever. You can be on your way to a simpler life when you find out, “Why you’ve been having a hard time simplifying your life?”

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Prioritizing changed my attitude

prioritizingIt is Monday evening which means my weekend is coming to an end. Usually at the end of my weekend I feel dreadful and a bit unaccomplished. I usually feel as if I will now need to rush through my week just to get to next weekend as a way to make up for what I didn’t do this weekend. I have to tell you. This time I feel different. I feel as if I did so much in so little time. I feel as if two days off was really a four day weekend. You may ask why? Well that’s why I am sharing this with all of you today. I want you to have a little glimpse of the peace that can be had even in the midst of returning back to your day job the next day. Prioritizing changed my attitude. 

Now, of course I would rather continue on with my awesome weekend instead of going back to work. But hey, that’s a different story and it’s in the works. As for now, I want to tell you just how I was able to take a short two day weekend of what most would call “ordinary” and show you how it was different from the rest and one of my best. It didn’t even involve a vacation or winning of the lottery (well you knew that…hence returning to my day job).

Rather, I simply took a step back and began prioritizing some things which made a big change in my last two days and am hoping will continue throughout my week and so on. Here is the inside scoop.

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