Where Do You Find Your Security?

Where Do You Find Your Security?
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The world says to find your security in money, possessions, and fame. God says to find your security in Him. Who are you following?Every day you wake up you’re faced with the decision on what you will eat, what you will wear, who you’ll network with, and how you will basically live out your day. There is also the question of “Where’s your security” as you have the choice of where you will place it.

Is it money? Fame? Maybe it’s your faith? 

From somebody who has at one time placed her security in things that would completely tear my life apart if I kept on, I want to help you take a look at the different areas where your’re placing your security and how it could be affecting you?

Your security is in your money.

This was one of the biggest struggles I have had throughout my years. Since being a mom it has changed a bit as far as the decisions I have made with my finances but I still have a lot of work to do.

But I can tell you that before I became a mom, the choices I made when it came to placing my security in money I chose routes that were going to damage me. It got to the point where I saw that because of my foolish choices there was no real security. In fact, everything I owned began to break.

Every time I would receive an abundance of money through a undervalue gain I would end up losing more than I made. My car started to have problems, my possessions began to break, even my marriage was struggling. I began to catch on pretty quickly and found myself questioning my decisions.

Eventually, I would see I needed to make some necessary changes even if it meant losing out on a lot of money. I knew I would gain so much more that money couldn’t possibly buy.

Maybe it’s time to evaluate if money is where you’re placing your security.

Is it your prominent position that makes you secure?

Boy oh boy can I relate with this. Is it pride? It could be how you analyze your self-worth to the point of building your security on your prominent position.

What’s going to happen when your following abandons you? Not saying this will happen but could happen. And in the event that it happens, where does that leave you. I have a good feeling you may fall into a deep depression and your barely threaded self-worth dissipates to no existence.

I wouldn’t want it to happen to me and I especially wouldn’t want that to happen to you either.

It’s sad to see the fame of celebrities and how their lifestyle and mindset begins to corrupt a simply innocent dream to now a pool of depression, pride, and self-destruction. Not saying that every celebrity is stuck in the rut but it’s obvious it’s not all glamour as reality t.v and tabloids do a good job at promoting the obscenities.

You’re unique and special regardless of your position so your position should be determined by how you see yourself instead of how others perceive you. Now it’s great if you have been given the gift of being in a high position as long as you know you’d be just as secure going solo.

Do you find security when your’re in control?

I know first hand that I’m guilty of wanting to control whatever situation I get in. If I can avoid the conflict and have everyone do it my way then life would seem to be so much easier. The truth is, my way is not always the right way. Half the time I’m having to be humbled first in order to see my lack of letting go.

Does this sound familiar?

A sense of control leaves you feeling as if you can do anything. But what if I told you that sometimes that power you think you have is not very powerful at all. What if you began to realize that your not always going to be in control of every situation and letting go may be the only option to having real security.

What areas do you need to let go of control so you can be free from believing it’s your security?

Maybe your security is in your faith…

I can tell you that I am guilty of placing my security in money, position, and even having complete control over my life. But the truth is that I don’t have complete control. My finances can dwindle right from underneath me. My position can vanish as I go through this life solo.

Sometimes I even try to hold onto these things. It’s a work in progress as far as learning to let them go. Materialistic possessions with fail you. People will hurt you and even sometimes turn their back against you. All the other things have never been able to add another hair to my pretty little head (unless of course, I buy myself an expensive weave) but that’s beside the point. What I’m talking about is the reality that there are some things money can’t buy and an empty feeling you’ll still have along with your high position if you continue to find security in it.

There’s one thing for sure in my own life and that’s letting go and having faith. The only place I know I can have real security. Trusting that God will provide for me as I seek him first. He knows my needs and he knows the number of hairs on my head. And because of Him I’ve been able to learn how to let go of money, position, and especially control.

Where’s your security?

You may be thinking, “Lorin, I worked hard for my money and my fame, I can’t throw it all away. That’s great my friend! I don’t expect you to throw it away. What I mean by letting go is realizing that it is fallible and that it doesn’t define who you are. When you start being okay with this thought you’ll begin to notice a change for the better.

What are your thoughts? Where do you find security? Are there some changes you want to make? 

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