When I’m Not With You I Need To Be

When I’m Not With You I Need To Be
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needI know something is missing! My purpose seems incomplete. I can’t move forward as I need your direction. When I am not with you I realize I need to be.

I have decided to take my own route. To make my plans and watch them play out. But why does nothing seem to work out as planned?

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9

And how much more obvious could this be?

I Need Your Peace

When everything seems to be falling apart. You have no peace. Things seem to barely be hanging on by a string.

Okay, God, I need you!

I wake up in the morning and I need to right away enter into your presence. I need to open your word and be fed by your wisdom and guidance. If I start my day without you then it will show. I can’t do it through my own strength. I need you.

Your Rest

As the day goes on and my chores and activities begin to pile up, I strive to tend to them with my strength. I need to take a break and meet you in my prayer closet but choose to continue on. Nothing is going as planned.

Okay, God, I need you! Please help. Direct my steps.

As I enter into your rest, I have peace. It’s okay everything seems hard because it’s not too hard for you. So you take me by the hand and help me to get through dinner and having that dreaded meeting that resulted in some great news.

You Turn Mundane Into Extraordinary

With all of the never-ending lists, we little humans create for ourselves, we choose to go down one-by-one checking each one off. But what if each mundane task could be transformed into something extraordinary.

You, God, bless me with extraordinary. Making dinner for my family and doing the chores can be exciting believe it or not. I have the opportunity to make an impact on my family. Talking to a complete stranger can result in someone coming to Christ.

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How awesome it is to be led by you. To be in your presence, peace, and rest. Any other way is detrimental and I will miss out on every good thing you have for me and for others. I want your peace. I need your love. Give me you God!

How about you. When you’re with God, how is your day different? 

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