When I realized I had permission to just “Be Still”

When I realized I had permission to just “Be Still”
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Have you ever dealt with different challenges in life where it was obvious that you were walking in your flesh? I mean everything you did while relying on your own strength left you feeling even more frustrated than before. You just couldn’t be still.

But then something happened. Now, I’m not sure where you are in your faith and relationship with Jesus but boy is it obvious when I am slipping further and further away from him. So it seems.

Well, I’ve got to admit. That was me this week.

Here was my week in a nutshell:

“Car issues!” You can say that again. No literally. This past week we have been double whammied with double trouble car troubles. Try saying that 10x fast.  One vehicle was so old that I just about had it. So I sold it figuring the second car would have fewer issues. Boy, was I wrong! We originally were going to sell both vehicles at once thinking we had another one in place. That didn’t work as planned and we end up selling the oldest car and keeping the second one until we bought a new car. In this past week, I have realized the second car has just as many issues that could even be more costly than the first car. And now on top of making sure we have a driveable car, we are on a hunt for a newer car. That’s a whole different ball game.

So you ask,

“What do your car troubles have to do with your faith and relationship with Jesus”?

And I would tell you, “Everything”!

The reason for my answer would be as follows:

In this past week I have been nothing but frustrated. Something as worthless as a car has caused me to slip into a selfish behavior that I thought was gone along time ago. I have allowed it to cause conflict in my family which is more valuable than any car could ever be. It comes to show what can happen when you’re trying to take the wheel and push Jesus into the driver’s seat. It just doesn’t work.

And I can tell you from experience it will never work. No matter how much you believe you got a hand on things, you will always need Jesus. We are fallible human beings with emotions that run us because we allow them too. When are we going to instead walk in the spirit and allow the fruits of the spirit to fill us?

Do you want to know what conclusion I came to?

In my mind, I have been conditioned to think that I need to have two cars to be happy. Even one car really. So I decided that I was going to give myself permission to stay home. That throughout the week that my husband is working he would take the car and I will stay home. And on his days off is when I would go grocery shopping and any other outings. When I came to this conclusion I knew exactly what I needed to do.

And it was summed up into two beautiful words found in Psalm 46:10,

“Be Still”

I have heard these words throughout my life and always passively said, “Ok God I’ll be still” all while my being still lasting a short two seconds just so I could get moving again. But this time I felt different.

I finally understood what it meant to be still and was so excited that I had permission to do just that. Not to be lazy, not to let go of my responsibilities, but instead, let go of taking control. To give complete control over to God where it should have been, to begin with.

None of us were meant to do life alone

Jesus says in Matthew 11:28-30,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

How awesome is this to know that God has not only given you permission to be still but also to rest. Oh boy, do I have a heavy burden lifted off of me.

Whatever troubles you’re facing right now I want you to try something. All I ask is that you stop for a second and ask yourself if you are clenching the wheel and trying to move all while God is saying “Be still and know that I am God”. Will you choose to be still?

Until next time. But for now, read through his strength not my own.

Be Still

14 thoughts on “When I realized I had permission to just “Be Still””

    • Thank you Chonce. Through all the hustle and bustle it’s easy to lose sight of placing my trust in Jesus so for me to just “Be Still” definitely points me back to him where I can find rest. I sure can’t do it alone. Praying for you girl!

  • Love this scripture. He has given me this scripture so many times and ways in the last two years. As a constant reminder He is control He will fight for me and I can rest and trust Him. Thanks for sharing this. I can be still because He loves me.

  • I love how sometimes God can speak to us in a whisper and we hear it loud and clear while other times he shouts AND smacks us right upside the head and we still can’t hear Him. It is most definitely ok, actually Biblical to be still, but the shouts of the world often outweigh God’s voice on this truth. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

    • Julia, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and words of encouragement. It is so true that sometimes we continue to not hear him even when the message is loud and clear. But I am so grateful that he continues to pursue us and is so patient.

  • I love this. So often we try to justify the hustle and the bustle with doing God’s work what a great reminder to “check” our true intentions by being still in Him!!

  • Ashley, you are so right! I am definitely guilty and am grateful to be humbled so that I can again rest in my Father’s presence and realize what he really expects from me. It’s like in 1 Corinthians 1 “and if I have a faith that can move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing”. We can do all the “godly deeds” but if we lose sight of the who and why it’s easy to slip into ourselves. So I agree, we should definitely be checking our motives. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you, Lorin! I so resonated with that tension of me thinking I NEED something when all He wants for me….is…to….just…be. So blessed!

    • Amen! This is good news, Sonya. I love, love, love hearing when we actually get it! Glory to him. Praying that he would continue to reveal his truths in your life.

  • This is a great revelation. Be Still is just as you said – letting go of control. Letting God handle it. As a school teacher approaching the new year, I am overwhelmed at all the upcoming things to do – room decor because I had to switch room, new policies and procedures, teaching a class that I haven’t taught in a while, managing a class that gave me trouble last year…And I’ve heard God insisting on those same two words as I beat myself up for all the things I didn’t do this summer (at His direct request). Be Still. I have you specific instruction to relax all summer. Let Me do all the work. Beautiful blog!

    • Thank you, Brittany, for sharing how God is working in your life. I hope you enjoyed your summer. Praying that God would continue to lead you and provide the necessary tools you need as you approach this new school year. Amen!

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