How I experienced God’s favor when selling my car

How I experienced God’s favor when selling my car
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So you would think that selling your car is a normal thing that really shouldn’t have much thought right? Well, you would be right if you were someone who doesn’t analyze everything. But for this girl writing this, I have dealt with extreme indecision, anxiety, and OCD when even making simple decisions such as what to eat at a restaurant or in regards to this story, selling my car.

Such a simple task as selling my car can rack my brain for days on end. All while even experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety such as nausea. Yeah, you could say, “Well you’re a Christian, aren’t you supposed to be anxious for nothing and pray about everything”? And I would tell you that you’re right. And I would also tell you that’s why I am writing this today as a way to share with you how I end up trusting God and pushing through even in the midst of my anxiety.

Posted an ad to sell my 92′ Jeep

Oh, how much I enjoyed having that car. But also how much I dreaded having to put more money into this 92′ gas guzzler. I had this pearly white Jeep for over 7 years, and for that time I was blessed to have it get me to and from point A and B. But I just didn’t have the time or money to keep investing in it.

So as my Jeep sat in a mechanic shop after noticing a fuel line leak that was going to cost me another few hundred dollars, I decided I would not even drive it home and I would post it up on Craigslist that same day. Of course, I was a bit hesitant to use Craigslist as there are many precautions you should take prior to making any transactions. So that was one of my first concerns. Then there was the fear of regret that I would be making the wrong decision I always dread of making (I am a bit of an idealist so making a wrong decision is an anxiety I struggle with). But I decided to keep going along with the process and decided on an amount that I came up with based on KBB and published my ad.

The calls and texts came in

Shortly after publishing my Craigslist ad, the calls and texts started coming in. Mind you I had also posted our second vehicle too but decided to remove that ad until further notice. So as the contacts came in for my Jeep, there was one call I returned first. It had been quite a few hours since the calls started coming in when I finally decided to make some call backs and respond to some texts. I guess my response time was delayed as my anxiety increased. I get it! It’s just a car but you’ve got to remember this girl is not your average Annie right? Right!

So I respond back to a particular call and text that came in and as the potential buyer answers the phone he was eager to meet up and check out the car. Of course, I made him aware of the things that needed to be fixed on the car and he had agreed to still check it out.

I didn’t take into consideration when I would be available so I sat there for a few minutes and decided, “Okay I will just meet you now as I am right around the corner”. We met, he looked at the car and he decided he was going to research the fuel line issue and would let me know soon if he wanted to move forward with the purchase. Within a few hours, he texted me letting me know he could meet me the next day to complete the transaction. We set up a time.

Should I raise the price?

That night I went back onto KBB (Kelley Blue Book) to value my car one more time. Come to find out I had originally chosen the wrong model and was now coming up with an increased value of $500 more dollars than the original amount I had posted in the ad.

Now I am left figuring out what I am going to do. I already had an appointment set with the potential buyer to complete this transaction on the vehicle I had already priced $500 short of the accurate value. So I decided I was going to update the Craigslist ad by increasing the price by $500 in case this buyer falls through but decided I was not going to advise the guy I had an appointment set up with about the price increase. I figured he had already agreed to buy the car at the original lower price and I was not about to change it on him. That’s how I would like to have been treated.

The next day rolled around and man did I have a pit in my stomach. I kept thinking what if I was making the wrong decision. “I mean maybe I could just fix it up and keep it.” “What if this transaction goes horribly?” All these thoughts kept going through my head but since I knew I had anxiety I told myself to keep pushing through all while praying that God would provide.

God always shows up

Well, the thing is, he always does. It’s not like he is sometimes present and sometimes is not. The truth is, he is always present. So I proceeded to meet the guy for our appointment. We sat down in a public place to get the paperwork all signed over and funds transferred.

Hear this! So as he puts the money on the table he proceeds to tell me there is an extra $100 in there. He says, “I went home and saw you raised the price” but although I didn’t inform him of the higher asking price he took it upon himself to throw in an extra $100. “Now, that is God right there”, I said. I wanted to give God the glory in all this and chose to do it out loud.

Promptly after I had a peace come over me that God was present. Even in a simple transaction such as selling a car, he cared and had been listening to my prayers. He showed his grace and had favor on me.

Now some may say “But Lorin, you didn’t get your asking price”. And I would tell you, “Yes I did and much more”. In the event that the car was priced $500 below its value, two people including myself and the buyer decided to make choices that would benefit the other person. That man didn’t have to give me an extra $100 and I didn’t have to keep quiet about the price increase. But had we not made such selfless choices we may have missed the bigger picture.

And that bigger picture is experiencing God’s grace and favor! Can you say AMEN!

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