Making Money From Home Journey: Selling On Ebay (Week 1)

Making Money From Home Journey: Selling On Ebay (Week 1)
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So it’s been almost a week since I started listing items on eBay. Today says day one since I decided to start journaling my journey through this season. So today marks the 1st day of sharing with you my efforts to make money online by selling on ebay. This first day will cover what I have done so far along with some goals. I hope you are as excited as I am since I know many of you out there are too in the beginning phases of making money from home, working at home, or specifically going the route of selling on ebay.

Reason for sharing my journey to making money from home

The reason I started the title with Journey to… is that anything really is a journey when it’s a long and difficult process in development. So in this case, it’s the journey to making money from home. A long process, that takes a lot of work and many times takes a lot of falling down and getting back up. This is by no means some get rich quick scheme. Instead, it’s full of patience, learning, and more patience, and also some celebrating.

A quick backstory

Now, I am not new to the online world of trying to be one of the few who succeeds at working at home through their own independent endeavor. To ebay yes, to the blogging world I have been blogging since May 2016. I started off by researching ways to work from home and came across another mom’s blog with her story on how she was able to become a work at home mom.

About six months into starting my blog, the direction had changed many times. There was a season where God had me sharing my story as a Christian blogger. I at one time had the idea to make this website a place for other’s to share their story. I also took 6 months off after not wanting to pursue blogging anymore. But now that I have started this new journey to selling on ebay, I also saw it as a way to get back into writing here on my story defined. Where I can share my story defined by God. Even in the aspect of how he is working in my life through an online business.

So now that you get the picture you are probably wondering what has happened in my first week of selling on ebay. Let me tell you in a simple yet descriptive nutshell. Get ready!

I have not sold one thing YET

Do you see how I bolded the word yet? Right now I am in the let’s test the waters and see how this thing works stage. You know the one. The let’s make 10 mistakes (or 100)  before I finally get it right. So now that you know where I stand and that I don’t have it all together and am not going to try to sell you anything, you can surely sit back and relax and know that you’re not alone.

You now have two choices to make, you now realize that Lorin the writer of this blog has no clue what she’s doing in making money from home so you decide to exit my blog and start searching Pinterest or Google or both to find the quick answer to your question “how to make money from home”. Or you decide to stick around because you realize the truth that it really is a journey and that you now have someone who gets you instead of making you feel like you have to get on my level. I am on your level. We are beginners. And that’s okay. When we were born we didn’t automatically know how to walk and talk. It took time and all though we fell on our butts many times, we pulled ourselves back up and tried it again. You get the point.

If you decide to stick around, I’ll meet you in the next paragraph.

Research and trying it out

I am the type where I have a hard time doing a lot of research. Therefore, I may not be the best example in this area but hey you may get a kick out of my story. So it won’t hurt to listen. When I was in school and I knew I had a project due, I would usually do everything the night before. Yep, I was that girl. The good news is that the teacher’s had no idea because I still made sure my project was up to par. It still looked like I had put a lot of work into it. And I did. I just skipped the part about needing to study for your exam weeks before. I needed the info fresh in my head and that’s how I work best. I read something, I put it into practice. I watch a youtube video how to, I give it a try. That’s me. Does it drive me crazy at times? Absolutely! But I’ve made it this far. So we’re good.

So back to eBay. I have a background in sales being in the outside workforce. I also notice that sales online is a lot different from face to face. But I am up for the challenge. So seeing that in almost a week I have not sold any of my 24 items I automatically figured I was doing something wrong.

  • The item price was too high
  • Should I charge shipping and lower the price
  • Should I include shipping and higher the price
  • How much should I charge for shipping
  • Should I do an auction or buy it now

And the list goes on. These may be some of the very questions you are dealing with. The unknown is one of the tough parts. But that’s where the ‘just trying’ it part comes into place. Just try different things until you begin to see what works. And that’s where I have been this week. The trial period we will call it. The only thing is there is no money back guarantee if you don’t like it. It more so looks like this:

Do and don’t give up or give up.

For me, I would rather not give up because, worst case scenario if I never make any money, I at least learn something in the process. PERSEVERANCE and CHARACTER building.

Preparing yourself

Again, I am guilty of doing things a little backwards. On eBay, I guess you need feedback from people to see you as trustworthy. Kind of like when you want to go to a restaurant but the restaurant you find has no reviews. It leaves you to step out on the whim but most likely you are going to look elsewhere. So one thing I worked on was getting some feedback.  You can do so even without selling anything. Buy something on ebay and you can get feedback that way.

Also, make sure you have all necessary supplies readily available. To be honest, I am actually a tad bit glad I didn’t sell anything just yet as I was not prepared in case I had to get an item shipped out. Here are some tangible ways I needed to be prepared: 

  • I needed to but some poly mailers to put my items in to ship. I took advantage of purchasing these on ebay, therefore, resulting in some good feedback in the meantime. What’s the old saying, “Hitting two birds with one stone”? Exactly!
  • I had a shipping scale that had been given to me but had no idea if it would work and also needed to buy a new battery for it.
  • Needed to hook up internet (I know, I know) But yes, I didn’t even have internet before I listed my items and would have needed it to print postage.

These are just a few examples of how I should have been prepared BEFORE starting. And that’s why I wasn’t upset I haven’t sold anything. And plus I am in no hurry.

With that being said, a few intangible ways to be prepared are:

  • Being patient
  • Not worrying
  • Be Excited (Yes, you may not know what your doing just yet or have not made a dime but you still have every reason to be excited about this new journey)

With that being said, that is exactly where I am at. Which is very different from where I have been in the past. This time I have got rid of all negative self-talk and looking forward to the process even if that means not having all the answers.

Let’s sum up week 1

  • Working on filling my store with inventory
  • Deciding how much I will charge for my items and understanding shipping
  • Making sure I am prepared with necessary supplies for when an item sells
  • Getting Positive Feedback (Charging less on items at first to get sales= more feedback
  • Enjoying the process

Aren’t you excited about your new journey? I know I am!

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