How I Made An Extra $400 In One Month As A Stay At Home Mom

How I Made An Extra $400 In One Month As A Stay At Home Mom
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This is the first time I can actually say it’s possible to make money from home. Whether you’re wanting just a little extra spending money or looking to make a steady extra income to go towards bills I can honestly say it’s possible and pretty easy to do.

Find out how I made an extra $400 in one month and the steps I took to get there.

What I did first before I made any extra money

Before I actually brought in any extra cash I thought I would give good ole’ ebay a try by selling things laying around my house (which in my case was my clothes I didn’t wear anymore). Read what I did in my first week of selling on ebay.

Coming from someone with an extensive background in sales, after a week of no sales coming in from ebay I began to get a bit impatient. And trust me a week’s wait was long enough for me. So I began looking for other places I could sell stuff.

I tried offerup as I heard many success stories, but in my case again. I didn’t sell one thing and have stopped posting on it.

Selling Online To Make Extra Money But Not Just Anywhere

I finally stumbled upon the Facebook Marketplace (and your probably thinking, Lorin how are you barely learning about this?) I am definitely behind in social media I would say.

So once I found the marketplace I began listing all my items I had not sold on ebay. Starting with kids clothing. Of course, I put a little extra work into it by taking nice photos and including a brief description along with the items.

Then I started taking all my bulkier items that were too big for ebay and started posting these items.

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Here is a quick list of the steps I took to make extra money: 

  1. Choose items
  2. Decide on a price
  3. Take Photos ( I use a Canon Powershot)
  4. Include a Description
  5. Post items

Find out exactly how I made money from home last month as a work at home mom

Sometimes the items will sell right away but sometimes you may have to relist them a couple times. And if you’re anything like me when it comes to waiting you may even be tempted to lower the price. That is fine and all just don’t lower it to a point that you will not be satisfied with.

Stay Organized: Keep track of items you list and sell

I created a generic little spreadsheet in excel to keep track of my items which included the categories: item, price, the price paid, your profit, and sold date. Feel free to add any other categories that will fit your needs.

By the end of the month, I made a whopping $400 in extra cash and I still have a few days left in this month. So there you have it. Living proof of how a stay at home mom can make extra money from home.

What to do when you run out of items? Tune in next time as I share what I did when I ran out of my own items to sell.

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