The Most Popular Places For Selling Online This Year

The Most Popular Places For Selling Online This Year
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Whether you’re looking to make some extra income or make a full-time income selling your items, this massive list of places to start selling online was created with you in mind. Especially for moms who have noisy little ones at home.

If you’re not sure how to get started, check out my step by step guide to selling online.

If you’re new to making money from home, check out my FREE list of money making online businesses to start from home.

Now, onto the list of places to start selling online to make money from home.

When selling on Amazon they offer you the option to send your items directly to them and they will ship the item out when it sells. It’s called FBA “Fulfillment by Amazon”. Check out these Amazon selling secrets.


Selling on ebay is great for those who find one-of-a-kind items to sell. Some items I couldn’t sell somewhere else I decided to sell on ebay. You can read how my first week went selling on ebay.

At first,¬†shipping items racked my brain but after shipping my first item and seeing how the process looked, it wasn’t really hard at all.

Fiverr (Selling Online Services)

If you have services to sell instead, you can use Fiverr to offer your services to entrepreneurs and businesses.

If you don’t have a service to sell but need help building your online store, I created an entire blog post on the services Fiverr offers to build and grow your business.


I am so excited to share this option with you as I am working on this myself. Shopify allows you to create and setup your own online store. You will be your very own store owner adding products, giveaways, and dealing directly with your customers. How awesome is this?!

The great part for bloggers is you can add a store page to your blog and feature your products from your Shopify store directly on your blog. Check them out with their free 14-day trial.

Facebook Marketplace

In my opinion, this is the new Craigslist. I love using the marketplace for selling locally as I can scope out the buyer’s profile prior to meeting with them. Obviously, you still want to take precautions and meet in a public place as you can’t judge a book by its cover but it’s still an added bonus when having to physically meet up with people.

Before I sold anything on ebay, I came across the Facebook Marketplace where I decided to post items I didn’t need anymore. To my surprise, I ended up making $400 in one month.

Start a Blog

Believe it or not, a blog is not just about writing great content but turning that content into awesome products. There are so many products you can create and sell on your blog.

If you have not yet started a blog, I’ve laid out 5 simple steps to start a blog.

There you have it! There are so many places online you can sell but these are the places I personally recommend start selling online without any hassle.

Do you have any other recommendations?

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