Start A Blog To Become A Work At Home Mom

start a blogWhen I first got started on my journey to becoming a work at home mom, I saw so many times how blogging was a means to make an income from home. I took their word for it and signed up. I had no clue what I was going to blog about and didn’t know how I was going to make money but I knew the first step I needed to take was to Start A Blog! 

I’m here to help you Start A Blog To Work At Home

There are mounds of information overload out there when first getting started but like you know, my blog is here to help you learn from my mistakes. The first piece of advice is, don’t worry so much.

First Decide On A Niche & Name

The same question I dreaded when first starting off because as we all know I am very indecisive. Although, now being 2 years into this thing I would have saved myself so much time and headache if I had just niched down. Again, don’t make the same mistake I did and please just choose a topic. Even if you just want to talk about your day to day life, be sure to know the categories you want to touch on. This absorbed too much of my time in the beginning and I want you to to make the right choice from the get-go. Now with this being said, it’s okay to start something and maybe change directions later on. That’s fine. But for right now don’t go into it blind eyed. Have your topic ready.

Also, have a few names already in mind before getting started. I say a few because one or another may already be in use so have a back-up. If I could go back I would probably have just used my name and I am seeing this become more and more popular these days, so you can’t go wrong with that. Also, make sure you get a .com name if possible as it’s easier to remember and more commonly used. I will show you in step #3 how to select your domain name.

Choose A Blogging Platform

5+ years ago I tried to start a blog with a free web platform. Mistake #2 if you’re wanting to make money from your blog. So in your case, if you are wanting to make an income by monetizing get a blog. The next steps will include directions on how to do so.

I will now guide you through a series of simple and easy steps to get you rolling. Let’s get started! 

I am going to walk you through the steps you need to take to get the best deal and discount through Siteground with a WordPress site. When I first got started I wish I had known of this hosting company since working with them I have realized all the perks they offer.

Step #1 Choose Your Hosting Plan

Get my 60% discount off any of the Siteground hosting plans when you use my link. As a new blogger, I recommend getting started with the start-up plan as it’s the most affordable and will provide everything you need as a beginning blogger. Later down the road you can always change your plan.

How to Use Hosting Sign Up Step 1

Step #3 Choose Your Domain Name

Now that you already have a few names in mind, let’s choose one.


Step #4 Account and Client Info

Fill in your payment information. You will have a chance to review everything before submitting payment.

Now review your plan and make sure you select 12 months or longer for your plan to take advantage of the discount for the entire year.

You also have the option to choose any additions to your starter plan but if you don’t want any then leave them unchecked.

After reviewing all your options and account info you can now proceed with starting your blog.

There you go! Your hosting is now all set-up.

Step #5 Set-Up Your WordPress Site

Now just click live chat where you will they will walk you through getting your WordPress site up.

Or you can follow these instructions which you will see on your screen after signing up for your hosting.

You will then be prompted to set-up your login info

You are now in and are on your way to the fun stuff.

Choose A Theme

For now, there are plenty of free WordPress themes you can choose from with the option to get a paid theme if you choose to do so. When I first started I went with a free theme but it’s completely up to you.

Now you can jump right in and create your first blog post.

Congratulations! You did it, my fellow blogger. Welcome to the world of blogging. You are in for a treat! You are now on your way to bigger and better things.

Comment below with your blog link as I would love to check out your new blog.

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